Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Closet remix: Colorblocking!

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Colorblocking is something that I haven’t experienced before (BTW, is it colorblocking or color blocking, ladies?). My closet is definitely lacking in the bold color department and it still is. In general, I don't always follow trends but I couldn’t be more excited to fully embrace this trend. All this color is pushing me out of my comfort zone of neutrals. I picked up 2 fun pairs of shorts a few weeks ago. The first one was this F21 linen blend short (see my post here). This F21 Linen Tab Short was the second pair.


Pink is not my first choice of colors when it comes to clothing but I decided to go with it since the color is just so fun - especially for summer. Compared to the blue ones, this pair runs a bit smaller. I've tried drying them and washing them on high heat but it didn't work. The waist measures 26 inches and the length measures 10 inches (which is a great length for petites). What I love about those shorts is that you can dress them up or down. Since my first outfit was on the casual side, I decided to dress up this time with a silk blouse from Ann Taylor and a pair of high heels. There is something exquisitely elegant and sexy about paring shorts with high heels.

What I am wearing:
Shorts: F21 linen tab short - XS (buy here)
Blouse: Ann Taylor silk shell - XSP (buy similar here - 30% off)
Shoes: Ann Taylor perfect leather pump (almost identical here)
Clutch: Banana Republic exotic leather clutch (buy similar here)
Belt: Banana Republic skinny snake leather belt (buy similar here - in XS)

Readers, are you a fan of the colorblocking trend?



Pretty! I love your top!

Really Petite

I have def grown to love color blockig more and more now:)

I love pink on you! I think it compliments your skin tone really nicely and as u may know- I love me some pink..LOL

John B. Marine

Sydney, when I did my own blog post on color blocking, I used "colorblocking," not "color block." My usual rule of thumb is to go by what Google uses in spelling words. What I also do is whenever I am unsure how to spell a word, I use that word in two different forms in a Google search. So I typed in "color blocking or colorblocking." Google will show the results for whichever one Google uses. Just a recommendation.

Anyhow, those shorts are super cute. They really pop out from the lovely dark gray top and the lovely black pumps. Once again, you're a style star, Sydney!


@John B. Marine Thank you so much for your recommendation. I definitely will keep that in mind when I have trouble "spelling".

Bruna Correa

So beaultiful!
I loved it!

aizel camille

I love the top! =)

The Little Dust Princess

You look so lovely! I need to hop on the colour blocking wagon as well. ; ) This outfit is so perfect for the summer <3


This is so pretty, Sydney! I love it on you!


Yes, I'm a fan of colorblocking! But haven't really tried it out myself yet :) I LOVE the look of heels + shorts on others, but it doesn't look right on me for some reason. You look fabulous, Sydney!

purses and puppies

the heels and shorts look perfect on you! the shorts are really flattering, too. color blocking is so hard for me, you did great :)


I ADORE color blocking. Your outfit really pops against the green grass and the pink is super cute! Your "risk" to buy the pink one totally paid off!


You look so classy, i love the shorts



I love what you did here, the colors go together beautifully! You are making me crave some hot summer linen shorts!


I love the classy silk shell with the casual linen. Mixing textures adds so much interest to an outfit!

Crystal Luvz

I love the outfit you put together! Very sexy and edgy!!


what a cute colour of shorts! i hate f21 shorts b/c they're thin and they wrinkle :/


I love the choice of colors, but I think that the shorts are a bit too short for a classy grown woman. Your last post discussed age appropriate dressing, and short shorts is definitely not age appropriate. I would expect to see these short shorts on teenyboppers, pairs with bebe logo tank tops. Not to say that you don't look fabulous ~ you definitely have the legs to pull off the shorts. But just because you CAN wear them doesn't mean that you SHOULD wear them. I can't think of an occassion where wearing this outfit would be appropriate~ it is too dressed up to be casual, but there's too much flesh for a more dressed up occassion.


i don't think these shorts are too short at all...your behind shot shows the tushy fully covered so you're good hehehe. wearing pumps for blog pix make the whole outfit look better, but realistically, i think it's difficult to pull off the pumps + casual shorts in real life. maybe you can trade for wedges or a pair of flats, even sandals, then it would be more "real." i would definitely wear it to run around town :P


^^^^Entirely agree w/Sunshine. Shorts aren't too short, but would prefer a more casual shoe coordination.

Also, ditto on Cee's comment. I love shorts + heels, but somehow, I look "off" wearing that combo. but I think you look great! getting some good colors in your legs!


@ Sunshine and Aubrey~ I agree that the shorts aren't too short in the sense that every that should be covered up is covered up. My point is that they are too short *to be age appropriate* Everything can be covered up, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's age appropriate.

One expects teenyboppers hanging out at malls wearing shorts this short~not grown, classy women.


Cute shorts, I really like the color. Heels and shorts are hot.


in your opinion, how long should the shorts be to be considered age appropriate? i'm biased because i do wear shorts like these lol...


@Anonymous I value your opinion. However, I don’t agree with you regarding the length of those shorts. The length measures 10” long instead of 7” like most of the A&F shorts. 3 inches difference on a petite is really significant. Regarding my last post, I think you’ve missed my whole point. The post was all about avoiding logos. People have very different points of view on the definition of age appropriate. Dressing age-appropriately doesn't have to be boring. You wouldn’t want to wear those Mom shorts just because you are a grown woman, would you? I dress conservative for work 5 days a week. On the weekend, I don’t see any problems with wearing a pair of shorts that covered my entire bum. In this outfit, I paired them with a pair of classic pumps and a blouse. Those 2 pieces are very mature-looking IMO. Regardless, I’d love to know what your ideal short length is.


Sydney - Anon's comment reminds me of a Today Show episode I was watching about women and age-appropriate dressing. The show talked about how old is too old for miniskirts and bikinis. The consensus of the entire show was: as long as the overall outfit is tasteful and the woman feels confident in the garment, a woman should not let others tell her what she "should" or "should not" wear because of her age. I am very conservative (and judgmental, lol) with work-attire, but I feel we should have the freedom to wear more fun pieces when not at work without being judged as not-classy. Then again, I could be biased because I personally love short shorts and probably will not give them up for a while : )


I think you look great in these shorts...if you've got it (and you do Sydney) then I say flaunt it! I think you look classy and completely age appropriate....I don't think teenagers would be wearing the shorts with a silk top and classy pumps!

Wendy's Lookbook

Sydney - you look amazing! And I honestly don't think those shorts are too short. In the spirit of Summer, hem lines goes up and those shorts are fun, flirty, and tasteful. In my humble opinion, I think fashion is not about what you wear but how it makes you feel regardless of your age. If you feel confident and classy, then by all means, you should buy the same shorts in ten different colors (that's what I do! LOL). Your maturity and grace shines through in this outfit. I do imagine you wearing this to the mall... at Neiman Marcus celebrating their designer Fall Preview. And I do appreciate you pairing the pumps with the clutch. It gives a sophisticated touch to the whole outfit!


Hi Syd, I saw this outfit yesterday on my iphone and didn't get a chance to comment until now. I LOVE the ensemble, A LOT! I think it has perfect color pairing, and fantastic texture mixing. It also makes very pleasant proportion making the whole image flawless. As for the length of the skirt, you will always find people telling you it's too short. (My mom would be one of them. lol.) But it's what you feel that's important. My opinion on this outfit is that I think you rock it, Syd! As I said in the comment of your last post, I believe in dressing for your body, not your age. I don't understand why people think a short shorts would be fine on a teen, but "inappropriate" for an older woman. If it's inappropriate because of length I argue that it's then inappropriate for the teen as well.

John B. Marine

Let me just comment a bit more on the shorts. And yes, I'm into the "if you got it, flaunt it" mindset. The look is more like upscale casual chic. The blouse and pumps definitely denote night out fashion. The shorts are stylish. I don't think they are super-short even for a petite like yourself, Sydney. Some people are making those shorts seem like they are boyshorts or booty shorts. They're not! These are classy, cuffed, semi-casual short shorts of an acceptable length. It's not like they are denim cut-off jean short shorts with the front pockets hanging down.

It is still a great look both for warm weather and even a night out.


Hello Sydney! Your outfit is extremely adorable and your legs look amazing. Regarding the length of shorts, I think it's one of those lengthening illusions that might trick some people into thinking the shorts are inappropriate. In reality, the length is fine. You added 3+ inches with the heels and shifted your waistline upward with the blouse tucked and belted making your legs look longer. Perhaps if you had untucked your blouse and wore flats, Anonymous might have been more inclined to think otherwise.

I agree with some of the other comments about switching out the shoes. Pumps paired with shorts look great in blog photos, but rather strange in real life. Maybe you can try non-patent pumps with a wooden heel?


If I have those legs, I would run to the store right now and buy me one! I dont think it's too short and the color pink is so fun for the summer!


I'm not too much a fan of color blocking, but I think that in this case, it somehow works with the pink and the greyish.


I totally love the top and belt together, they really stood out for me. The outfit as a whole you are definitely rocking (especially with those gorgeous gams)! I haven't done any color blocking yet, but I do want to try favorite color combos right now are pink and red ;)

Andee Layne

loving the colored shorts! really need to snag a pair! xo

tiny dancer

OMGGG these shorts are darling! Linen and hot pink?! Um, yes please. Fabulous outfit - you look so chic :)


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