Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Petite-Friendly H&M Maxi Dress

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Maxi dresses continue to be on trend this Summer. However, it’s not easy for us petites to find maxi dresses sized just for us. I love this dress after seeing it on Khatu and Hanna but it is sold out in a matter of days. You can image how thrilled I was to spot this maxi dress at a local H&M recently. It must have been fate because this dress was even in my size. I walked straight to the checkout line without even trying it on. LOL. I am pretty sure this dress is no longer available in store. You might be able to find it on EBay (the price, of course, is double). This dress runs on the smaller side. The top part of the dress was super tight on me. I suggest getting one size up if you’re my size or bigger. I just love the print of this dress. It’s so fresh and super feminine. This dress makes me feel like a princess :) My only concern is that the bottom looks so heavy and thick. The hubby suggested I should cut off the bottom and turn this maxi into a sun dress. What do you think about his idea?


Really Petite

You look AMAZING in this dress Sydney! You are so lucky you are LONG..does that make any sense? You have long arms and lucky!! :D


You always find great pieces! This one is the bomb! ^^ you look like a model right out of a magazine! You are glowing gorgeously in these pastel colors!


Oh wow, I love the volume on the bottom of that dress! Not what I would have expected on a maxi dress!

DSK Steph

SUPER CUTE dress!!

purses and puppies

i think it would look really pretty as a sun dress, too. either way, its gorgeous on you!

The Little Dust Princess

It's sooo cute! I actually wanted to get it too, but changed my mind. Looks really good on all you ladies!


I love the dress AS IS on you, Sidney! Beautiful pattern.


CUTE dress, Sydney! I loved it on Khatu and Hanna as well. I think it'll help if you pair the dress with daintier shoes b/c the wedge heels also make the bottom seem "heavier."


@Cee LOL, Cee. That's exactly what I thought when I saw these pictures. Thanks for your input :)


yay! I've been waiting for this post, haha! I'm just so in love with the peachy/light blue color combo of the dress....since it looks so nice on everyone! If you want to alter the dress....I would try taking out the pink layer part, cause that part is a bit distracting somehow.

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali

Love the color and the flowy fabric!!! Looks gorgeous!!!
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I like it as is, too, but I also think it would be cute as a shorter sun dress...though that sounds like more work, haha. I agree that lighter shoes would help :)


you should cut it off and save the bottom to wear as a skirt

John B. Marine

I love this dress no matter what lady I see wear it. Sydney, you look amazing; even more so with this dress and these pictures. I love the wedge sandals as well to go with it. It would look good as a sundress, but I prefer to keep it a maxi dress. I wouldn't dare alter the length of this dress. Doing so would ruin its beauty (unless you're VERY good at making a maxi look better as a shorter dress). Keep the dress as is, and look like the beautiful princess that you are, Sydney!


I think the bottom of the dress adds to the dreamy effect! It is really lovely, the color, the shape and the length!


i love the layers of the dress and think it looks perfect on you! what a great find!

cute & little


Looking gorgeous and Yes I agree with your husband!


you do look like a princess and super tall too! i'm feeling the blogger peer pressure to get this dress hahaha but the overpriced ebay ways are stopping me temporarily (and my lack of place to wear this beauty)

pandaphilia fashion


OMG, i saw that dress on sale at h&m today and i didn't even give it a second glance because i keep thinking that maxis would be waaaaay too long for me. i think i need to go back and check it out (assuming it's still there...and in my size)!!

caroline - pictures & words


This is so pretty and the colors on you!


Pretty dress....are the straps adjustable?


@CynthiaC Yes, they are. Tie-in-back straps are fully adjustable.


you do look like a princess! i love how flowy it is on you. The pattern is so pretty..i tried on a different one with that pattern last week but I look so awkward in it lol


yep after seeing it on khatu, i tried finding it. but couldn't find it in my sz. but now I dont know if I'd know what to do about the bottom either.

What drew me to this dress was the top. it looks flattering on everyone.

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

Oh Sydney that's gorgeous!!! I remember this on Khatu too :) I like the flowiness of the bottom, I would keep it as is :)

San Jose Love

I love this dress on you. As for the heaviness at the bottom, I do agree with your hubby that you should cut it shorter. OR you can find a way to remove the coral layer. I kinda feel like it cheapens a dress that otherwise looks very classy and summery.


This is sooooo gorgeous on you!! The bottom is a little heavy but it's also part of the most beautiful part of the dress. I vote to keep it too :)


What a perfect color dress to wear for the summer time.


sooo ethereal! so goddess like!!! i think of swans when i see this!! amazing!!!


What a beautiful dress!


Love this on you!

I think the bottom is the best part so I would not cut it! :)


That is such a very beautiful dress! I think you look lovely in it's long form so if you ask me, I'd say don't chop it at all ;)


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