Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting my dream Chanel bag (Part II): Researching...

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After convincing my husband that spending $2000 on a purse is OK, the next step is to go look for one =) We stopped by Saks a couple of months ago to try on a few purses in person. With a $2000 budget in mind, I know I wouldn’t have so many choices. If money wasn't an issue, my first choice would be this jumbo flap. It’s so gorgeous! Sadly, the $4000 price tag is wayyy out of my price range right now. I've tried on both the Wallet On Chain (WOC) and the Petite Shopper Tote (PST) in store that day.

In my opinion, the WOC is a very sophisticated and versatile piece. They are great for occasions and party wear. Unfortunately, I am a big purse kind of girl. Although, I don't need to carry my work laptop home anymore but it is still fairly small for all my junk =)

As for the PST, it is the best bang for the buck. The PST is bigger and roomier than a classic flap but it costs a few hundreds less. However, the style isn't as flattering. After all, a classic flap is the "trademark" Chanel bag. The PST didn't get husband's vote that day.

If you're a Chanel lover, you probably have heard that Chanel had another price increase for their classic bags as of June 1st. If you're curious about new prices, here are some #s provided by a fellow blogger. Prices do not include tax. Isn't that crazy???
  • For the mini flap, it was $2200 (now $2600)
  • For the small flap, it was $3200 (now $3800)
  • For  the m/l flap, it was $3400 (now $4000) 
I've been searching and searching patiently (and quietly) for months. At one point, I thought my search would never end. It finally did! If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I've found "the one". I am completely in love with this purse. My hands were shaking when I found her...LOL..I showed it to my husband. He looked at it for 5 seconds and all he said was "Go for it, babe" =) I didn't jump on it right away even with my husband's approval. I thought about it for another day and I finally told myself "That's it! I am getting it". The purse is on its way to me. Stay tuned for the reveal of my new love =)



I cant wait to see what you got! I would love a Chanel purse but the price is oh so expensive! :( wow and a price increase..insane!


Very exciting, Sydney. Can't wait to see your first Chanel. The prices on a classic line are outrageous, in my opinion. I wouldn't buy a mini at $2600. I hope they won't have another round of price increase this year.

However the jumbo would be the size I go for if I "ever" get another one but 4,300 (I think) makes me think long and hard, WOC is not practical at all for me. Glad you didn't get a PST. I brought it home and returned it the next day. The straps kept falling off my shoulder and too boxy.


yay, i'm so happy for you! i decided that my next Chanel is going to be a jumbo flap too as the m/l one just isn't big enough for everyday use. i can't wait to see what you picked out!

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I can't wait to see your post with your new bag! My mom purchased her Chanel Quilted flap bag in 1992 for $995! She has kept it in Pristine condition over the years! I will always remember the smile on her face as she exited the boutique with her bag! It brings back wonderful memories!

Really Petite

Sooooo excited for you Sydney!! I can't wait for the reveal!!!

DSK Steph

I'm so happy for you! :) Can't wait to see your new "baby"!


@Nelah I don't think I would have the guts to spend $4000.00 on a purse =)


EEK!!!! CONGRATS HON!!! getting a new chanel.. a FIRST chanel is SOOOO FREAKIN' exciteding hahaha.. i totally know what you mean about hands shaking!! can't wait for your reveal hon :)


How exciting! Can't wait to see.


oh wow! Congratulations! it's definitely worth your wait! :)

Alterations Needed

Yay!!! Don't mind me...I'll just be sitting by the computer, refreshing your blog, waiting for the reveal...*munches on popcorn*

The Little Dust Princess

I'm so happy & proud of you! I can't wait to see it, Syd!


Oh, so excited for you, Sydney! *Happy tears*. Can't wait for the reveal! @Kelly - you are too funny!


Wow, wish I had a husband to convince ahaha


Caroline Robianto

niceee !!! keep on researching and find your true love :D


Woohoo! Can't wait to see your reveal--so exciting! And good for you for being so patient, too--so commendable!

I'm probably with Nelah. I love my small flap, but I have a Miu Miu quilted satchel roughly the same size as a jumbo flap and I just love that size of purse! $4,000 for a bag IS outrageous, though, so it's definitely off in the far future for me. But sigh, they're all so pretty. :)


Congrats and YAY!! I'm so excited to see what you winded up choosing - I'm sure whatever it is, it will be GORGEOUS!


I love Chanel and I would love to have one of those bags someday. I have to start saving now! :)


I would love to save for a Chanel, but now I have to save for a wedding! :D

Just wanted to show you this Chanel, Sydney, because it's pretty nice:

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