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Fitting Room Review: Banana Republic's Mad Men Collection

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The Banana Republic Mad Men collection is available in stores and online today. I wasn’t going to check it out since there wasn’t anything online that made it appealing to me. All the talk on Twitter got me curious. I decided to stop by the mall after work to check it out. I have to say the collection is rather disappointing. There wasn’t a single item available in petite sizes at my local store. Below are items that I tried on (all in regular sizes). I hope to give you an idea in terms of how these items would fit on you if you’re thinking about ordering online. The SA told me they won't replenish once the items sold out.

1. Leopard print trench ($198.00) - Size XS Regular
I have no intention of buying this trench regardless of the fit. It's just not really my style. I am only showing you how it looks on me. The length is good for my frame but sleeves are too long. The fabric is very thin and feels plastic-like.

2. Begonia print dress ($150.00) - Size 0 Regular
This is a very pretty dress but too big all around.

3. Lace dress ($130.00) - Size 0 Regular
This dress was my favorite amongst the bunch. As you can tell from the picture, the fit wasn't too bad for a 0R. The smallest size available for the cream one was a size 6 at my local store. I am almost positive that a 00P will fit someone who is a size smaller than me.

4. Lace shell ($49.50) - Size XS Regular
The fit is OK but the armholes are too big. It looks kinda boxy on me.

5. Animal print cardigan ($89.50) - Size XS Regular
There is nothing special about this cargian. The material is sheer and super itchy. The fit, however, isn't too bad.

6. Tweed pencil skirt - Size 0 Regular
This skirt isn't available online but here is the picture of the matching jacket. The material feels very nice and luxious. Howevever, the fit is aweful. I am 5'3" and the length of this skirt hits about 4 inches past my knee.

This collection clearly isn't petite-friendly. If you're petite, your best bet would be the lace dress. Have you picked up any pieces from this collection today? Please share =)


purses and puppies

i didnt check it out, partly because im trying to save money, and partly because none of the collection really stood out to me. thanks for the fit pics, tho, now i definitely dont need to stop by!


Wow, they all look so big on you. I'm too busy recently to worry about shopping, and just by glancing through their selections, there wasn't much of anything new. The leopard print cardi looks a lot like the Loft one I picked up last year but much better fit and quality. BR regular sizes are too big all around. Very disappointed.

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

Thanks for this Sydney! According to Cynthia there are no petite sizes in store yet anyway. The Canadian website only has TWO items available in petite - the two dresses you tried on. I ordered the print dress in petites so we'll see how it turns out. The lace dress was only available in the light print and I wasn't really feeling it so I didn't order it. I did order that lace top in XS - Cynthia said it was boxy on her but I'm bigger than both of you so I'm hoping it will fit me!


The blue dress is a great fit but $130 is a steep price for the generic design. You should look out for something similar because you rock that length and cut very well!

I have a cardigan that's very similar to the one you featured above. I got it at LOFT for a much cheaper price (sale gods were kind that day). This looks like an overall disappointing collection - a shame because I was looking forward to it. Thanks for featuring the review - it saved me a bunch of time :)


oh thanks so much for saving me a trip out to BR tonight! i was so curious about this collection but it doesn't look very promising for petites. if only the lace shell was available in petite sizing. oh well. money saved! :)

The Little Dust Princess

I really like the lace dress in cream! The leopard cardigan is too light - kinda looks washed out, but maybe that's because I have a really bold one from Ann Taylor (or is it LOFT? dunno)


Did anyone try the cigarette pants? They didn't even have a 0R in the two stores I stopped by, so I ordered a 0R from the Canadian site. Hopefully it won't require major alterations! I agree that the sizing is disappointing for petites, but I still have many faves...that I admire from a distance.


The leopard trench was the one thing I was interested in, but definitely not if there's no petite, which sucks! And $200 for something that feels like plastic sucks even more lol!


so disappointing! everything is pretty whatever. thanks for sharing and saving me a trip. lol


There is so much hype over this collection (including the previous on Gilt and also popular fashion bloggers) that I have to commend BR on doing a good job generating publicity for a collection of mediocre clothes. This collection, although inspired by the old time glamorous characters of a popular show, further confirms my issues with BR becoming more plain, mediocre quality, and ill-fitting. I called my local store out of curiosity and they said they got "all of the dresses" in petite 00 (but I didn't go and verify).

Thanks for this thorough review, Sydney. I like lace dress on you but it looks like the same exact lace as the olive green dress (remember that?) which I thought was so bad and itchy that I returned it without even blogging about it.


*previews, not previous : )


I love the lace dress in cream! Even if there's a size 00P, I still can't afford it though. Thanks for taking time to model the collection.

The lace shell looks fine on you!


Thanks for the reviews! I love the lace dress on you and although the animal print cardigan didn't work out, the print is cute. How's the lining of the lace dress? I noticed in the product shot the lining was longer than the lace (!!).

Complex Cardigans


Thanks for the reviews! I love the leopard cardi especially since it the animal print is more subtle... but that's disappoint that it's itchy. By the way, I love your mint green skirt. The perfect shade for spring and summer!


This is a great review of the collection! The side by side comparison of the ad shot vs. real person is genius!


@Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) I am looking forward to see both items on you. I am pretty sure the lace top will fit you (if you don't mind the armholes).

@Anna I think many bloggers picked up the similar cardigan at LOFT/AT last year including myself =)

@CynthiaC I didn't try on any pants because I know they won't fit me regardless.

@PetiteAsianGirl It's very interesting to hear that your local store carries petite sizes. I do remember the olive green dress. This lace dress was amongst the bunch but it's still not worth the $$ IMO.

@Jenn I didn't even pay attention to the stock photo =) The lining looks fine for the one that I tried on.


Nice review. The item that interested me the most was your lime green skirt!

Lina Kim ♥

the lace dress looks cute on you^^

btw, Can I invite you to join my GIVEAWAY-Korean BB creams , thank you ^^


Was just looking through this collection online today! Love all of the lace...


Thanks for this review Sydney!....I'm very excited to try this line myself but I hope my store has the petite sizes ;)


I went to the event at the flagship Downtown Chicago store and while the set-up was impressive, along with the anticipation...I agree with you regarding the quality. It was mediocre and over priced. I too thought the leopard cardigan was super itchy and'll be a $9.99 clearance item by Halloween!

Really Petite

Thanks for doing this Sydney! I was so confused as to what all the hype was about! My fave is the lace dress but reminds me of a very similar one at H & M that comes in purple and cream...I am glad that I won't have to spend any money on this collection :)

cheetah print dress

I really like the lace dress in cream!

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