Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Fun: Dinner with friends

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It’s kind of funny that people tend to think fashion bloggers seem to shop all the time. On more than one occasion, people have asked me what do I do on the weekend besides shopping. I don’t always go shopping on the weekend especially not every weekend. I do things like a typical person would do such as cooking, running errands, hanging out with my family/friends on the weekend. This is a personal style blog so a majority of my posts are fashion-related. It doesn’t mean that shopping is all I do. However, to add a bit of variety to this blog, I want to dedicate Sunday’s posts to highlight one thing that I did that weekend.

This weekend, my husband and I went out to dinner with Danielle and her husband. It was such a great pleasure to meet both of them. Danielle chose Abuelo's and it was a fantastic choice. The food was yummy and the service was great. We chatted like old friends. Thank you so much for a great night, Danielle. We hope to hang out with you guys again soon. I am wearing a newly purchase dress from Express. I love it so much! Will do a proper review for this dress later this week.

{These photos were taken with my Sony Cybershot camera. The image quality is not quite as good as the DSLR's}

What I am wearing:
Dress: Express striped dress - size XS (buy here)
Sandals: Steve Madden (buy similar here)
Purse: Chanel small flap (buy similar here)

Readers, what did you do this weekend =)?


Really Petite

Awe how fun!!!! You both look great and sounds like it was a blast! and LOL I did go shopping yesterday but now I am banned for the rest of the month..hehehe

easy petite looks

Wow, how broke we would all be I'd we shopped that much! That's such a cute dress, will be awaiting it's review!


We had a great time too & I'm so glad you both liked Abuelo's. Have a great time in Boston & can't wait to hear about the trip.


I like the striped pattern of your dress and looks great paired with your Chanel!


You both look adorable! I love your striped dress (of course, I adore stripes!)

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

Wow you both look fabulous! Such stylish ladies :)


That's so funny Sydney (I get that quite a lot too actually)! ....and of course I don't shop more than my friends....I just happen to post ;) I really like your friend's shoes by the way, so cute!


lol, I feel like shopping is my only hobby when I have free time, so I'll be the guilty one who does nothing but shops (since I have no hubby or kids and such) :) That black-white stripe dress looks amazing on you! Can't wait to see the full review!


Lovely dress and love seeing your new purse in action! Glad you had such a lovely time!


u look great

The Little Dust Princess

That's because we all shop online, Sydney. ; ) LOL Totally kidding! Danielle's wearing heels and you're in flats. You ladies look practically the same height!


Hahaha.. You are so cute! Love the whole explanation of 'I dont shop all the time' :-) You look great in that dress and the sandals.


i love your chanel !

www.glisters and


im such a big fan for stripes lately..mostly it's bc it make me look smaller then i am lol
i cant wait to see your review on your dress!


You both look gorgeous! And your little CC is just superb - such a great choice for you so it's worth all the hard work and wait.
I wish I could wear stripey tee dresses but I am too wide already lol!


This outfit is a gorg! You look amazing doll!

hugs and kisses by Mani.
btw. would you like to follow each other?


aww love this post!! that striped dress is AMAZING on you!! and love that you're rocking that chanel flap like nobodies business!! haha


@Callandra It's funny that you're noticing her shoes too. "I love your shoes" was the first thing I told her =)


your dress is so chic!

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