Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Wish-list Item # 6: A clutch/cross-body bag

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These pictures were taken a while back for the IT girl feature but I haven’t had a chance to post them yet. This military pencil skirt was one of the items that I picked out for the feature. Unfortunately, the size 0 was too big for me.

I took it to my tailor to have the waist taken it. However, she insisted on leaving the length as is. She said longer length skirts seem to be on trend this year. I wasn’t too convinced but went with it anyway. Now looking at these photos, I am having second thoughts. I am certainly not used to this length. All my pencil skirts hit above my knees. What do you think about this length? Can a petite woman pull off slightly longer skirts?

What I am wearing:
Skirt: Military Pencil Skirt c/o Apart Style - size 0 (waist taken in)
Top: Express ruffled skirt - size XXS (buy similar - on major sale)
Cardigan: GAP - size XS (buy similar)
Shoes: BR Jacky pump (buy similar or expensive version)
Clutch: Zara basic leather messenger bag

Another item on my Fall wish-list was a duo clutch/cross-body bag. I was thrilled to find a bag that met all my requirements. It is 100% leather, the color is exactly what I was looking for and it fits the bill. The strap can be easily removed to convert from a chic cross-body bag to a sleek clutch. I ordered this clutch from Zara a while back and have been carrying it almost every weekend.

Any suggestions regarding the skirt would be greatly appreciated =)


Schnelle Couture

great outfit. I LOVE that top!


Sydney I love the skirt, I love long skirts especially with heels 3in or taller =D plus with a longer skirt, looks like you have nice long legs =)

easy petite looks

I'm having the same issue with the skirts. I think we can definitely get away with wearing longer skirts with heels. It looks different, but not bad, imo. But I think with flats and longer skirts the proportions may be off or something? Not sure. I'm posting comparison pics of a longer/ shorter skirt today, and I still dont know what I think even after taking pics!


Skirt looks good since it's a neutral color and it helps that your heels are nude as well. But I think the skirt would look even better and would be more versatile above the knee. And by the way, thanks for sharing about this clutch. I have the H&M clutch that Jean posted about but I'm a sucker for real leather so I'm adding this clutch to my wish/shopping list :)


In my opinion, longer skirts on a petite are not as flattering because they shorten the legs. Even if longer skirts are on trend this season, it doesn't mean we should follow it. We have to dress for our own bodies. I say you march right back to the tailor and get her to shorten the skirt so it is above the knee!

Anyway, love this outfit and the color combo of the pink and burgundy and tan! I am such a sucker for ruffles.


Waou this is such a casual, cool and chic outfit!! you are stunning!!


Marionberry Style

You always look gorgeous!
Regarding your question about the's a little strange that your tailor insisted on a longer specification. I honestly believe that we should dress according to what WE feel most comfortable in and what WE think looks best.

Trends are just sources of inspiration for me...not guidelines.

So if you feel as though it just isn't 100% right, take it back. Otherwise, rock the skirt as it is cause you look amazing!
XO - Marion

Ashleigh Nicole

Love the clutch!

xo Ashleigh

Really Petite

Oooooo I love the clutch Sydney - great find!

Although I think because you have long legs and probably could get away with this longer length- I think it's a shame to hide your legs and would look best if it was slightly above the knee but still longer than usual :)


I love your outfit Sydney! I think your skirt would look better if it were shorter.


You're on the taller end of the petites anyways Sydney. Having a skirt a bit longer will just add variety to your closet, but if you know you wont pick it up to wear, go back for alterations. go w/what you're comfortable with.


A clutch is something I'm in desperate need of. Love yours!


Being a petite myself, normally I wouldn't advocate for an over the knee skirt. Somehow, in this case, I think it works for you. You may want to pin the skirt up to the length that you want and take a picture so you can compare side by side

The Little Dust Princess

I think some petites CAN rock a knee-length skirt, but I personally like them above the knee. I think you should alter this because a shorter length is something you're more comfortable with. : )


I love the longer length, so sleek and elegant. I think petites with longer legs and short torsos can pull of the longer skirts. And, of course those with a longer torso and shorter legs look better with shorter length skirts. I think that skirt is very close to perfect on you. If I were being a perfectionist, I would probably take it up just an inch, but it certainly doesn't look bad as is. :)


I would probably have the skirt taken up just a tad but it looks really good on you as is, so I'd say go with personal taste.

Lady Cardigan

Personally I think the long line on the skirt makes your legs look long. You look classy.





I think the longer length has a more "retro" look to it, like something from the 40's! It looks cute, but I'd definitely just go ahead and get it hemmed. It's such a pretty skirt and it would be more versatile if it was pencil skirt length! :)


Thank you all so much for your input!


I really like the color of that clutch. I feel like it will pair well with anything. Then again you always look great no matter what. I love your style. Have a great weekend dear.



I love the ruffle top and the whole look is very elegant without being stuffy!

Perfect for Petites

LOVE this outfit!


I like the clutch. You are well-proportioned - you look tall. :)

I am now following. :)


Petite in the City

I have the same issue with my new skirt purchases lately too, they just hit at the knee. So for mine, i MUST wear them with heels. So I think yours is fine too, as long as you wear them with heels, especially with nude heels, it gives the impression that the legs are longer than they really are ;)

I see a lot of mixed opinions in your comments!! I want to hear your final verdict!


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Bravoe Runway

Hmmm....Sydney I am like you, I usually prefer skirts that are at the knee but I do have a few skirts that cover the knee and am considering an alteration too. The thing with a past the knee skirt is that I think you can be somewhat limited in your shoe selection. It's really just stilettos because to the knee boots in my opinion looks too covered "heavy," and with short booties it really depends on the style.. I would think the length is fine but if you prefer something shorter than go for it. Your tailor is right, the below the knee length is in.


Love your blog. I am 5'1" and do not blog but I have learned so much by following you and other petite fashionistas, especially the petite fashion challenges. I have a suggestion: Outerwear can be particularly challenging for petites. Why not a PFC called OUTERWEAR CHIC.. This would be helpful with the cold winter months approaching...The look could be dressy or casual and must include an outerwear garment appropriate for being outdoors in inclement weather.

Sidney Salim

I love your style very much. You look very classy in this gorgeous outfit! And that clutch is awesome!

Oh btw, our names are similar :D



@Petite in the City Hi Lor, I decided to keep the length as is just because I have many pencil skirts that are at the knee. I'd like to have something different from the rest (even though it might not be my favorite skirt to wear). Thank you so much for your opinion.

@Janice Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad you found my blog useful. I will suggest your idea to the one who will be hosting the next challenge.


I think you can pull it off. Personally, I like my pencil skirts a bit longer, particularly for work, but I still keep them at least above mid-knee or just a touch longer if the style of skirt/dress calls for it. I notice that a lot of other petites prefer their skirts much shorter. It's mostly personal preference, but if you wear this skirt with heels, I don't think the proportions are off at all.


Your outfit is perfect! I adore your new bag,
beautiful blog,
Lacey xoxo


LOL that skirt was to big. So sad for you, LOL Adorable outfit, I used to wear one exactly like it to work in the 80's when ruffles and pencil skirts were back in fashion for work. At that time I was a size 6 and rocked the outfit. I was wearing it one day with my waist length hair down and was offered a part in a commercial! They ended up shooting me at my ranch and paid us a fortune for the day. Pencil skirts are always classic and ladylike. I love the look!

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