Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall Wish-list Item # 8: Leopard flats

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I own one pair of flats and have been wearing them for almost 3 years. I always have a pair of flats in my car just in case I go shopping after work =). Other than that, I wear high heels most of the time. A month ago, I found a hole in the sole of my flats and knew it’s time for a new pair. I've been obsessed with leopard print lately. What better way to find a new pair of leopard flats, right?

Question of the day: Do you think all ballet flats are comfortable? The answer is no. I’ve had flats that killed my feet before. After searching and trying on a dozen pairs of flats, I’ve found the perfect ones for me. Say hello to the latest addition to my shoe collection - the BCBG Magie flat in leopard print. They are not just comfy, they also fit the bill =)

What I am wearing:
Sweater: H&M - size 2 (buy similar - 60% of this Saturday!)
Skirt: c/o Shop At Velvet (buy similar - available in 00P)
Flats: BCBG Magie via DSW (suede version)
Chambray shirt: Hollister (buy similar - on major sale!)
Watch: Michael Kors 5128 in rose gold
Necklace: Gold tassel necklace c/o Kate and Soo


easy petite looks

ouch, i cant believe you usually wear heels!! i dont find a lot of flats comfy, either. i get just as many blisters from flats as from heels. i love these flats, tho. the stretchy back is always nice, and they're adorable!


i love animal print flats! they look great with your outfit. it's a great way spice up a plain outfit too. unfortunately i can't wear flats. it hurts my feet, bc im so used to wearing heels.


Those flats are great!! Glad you found a comfortable pair!

I love the layered shirts, too! :)


Love those flats!


This is adorable...I might be recreating this outfit...I have the same sweater!


I love flats and am always on the search for different colors and styles. I have yet to own leopard print ones but these look comfortable!


Oh yeah not all flats are comfy. you really need to search hard to find the one that fits! Im a big flats fan and love it coz it lets me run behind my 2 yr old without spraining my ankle :-)

Jodi Ann

adorable outfit. :) I agree with you, not every pair of flats are comfortable...I have to search and search for a good pair. Your's are really cute!

The Little Dust Princess

I love the photos, Sydney! Who took them for you? The leopard shoes are adorable! What makes them so comfortable for you? To me, they look like any other pair of flats. And I strongly dislike flats.


Love the blue + orange + leopard look!


these leopard flats looks great on you and i love how you styled it with the striped sweater and skirt!

cute & little


I never knew you could wear so many different colors AND wear leopard flats with them too!! I love it!! :)


a lot of things i like in this post!
-the background ,fallen leaves
-your (former) me too nini flats (looks perfect for my wide feet)
-your striped sweater
- and of course the leopard shoes!


Great find, Sydney! While you were busy hunting for your leopard flats, I also went on a leopard spree but for heels. This print is so surprisingly versatile (as I'm sure you've discovered already). I like the pop of color with your orange skirt and layering up top. Is it this warm in Ohio? Outdoor photos are almost a thing of the past here in New England : /


Cute flats!! I love the whole outfit!!

Rochelle's Closet

i love your leopard shoes!

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Sarah Stright

I'm crazy about leopard print shoes. I just wore some in my recent outfit post :) I've just found your blog and I love it and am now following. Check mine out some time if you're bored.

Really Petite

Love your outfit and layering Sydney! The leopard flats are so cute. I have yet to still break in my TB flats...they kill my feet.


Love those leopard print flats! I love flats. I have one in a pink snake skin print and wish I could wear it more often... but being petite I usually have to wear heels to work >_< Oh, the challenge of being petite. hehe.

Anyway, I find most of my flats comfortable.. but you're right, if they're too cheap it feels like you're just walking on your bare feet.. not the greatest feeling when walking on pebbles and cement.. I hear that flats can ruin your posture and back. Ehh.. Anyway, loveee your blog. =)


@The Little Dust Princess Thanks, Jesse! I took these pictures myself for this particular post =)


I love this outfit, your flats, and your blog, Sydney! It's always good to have as much info on petite finds as possible--I'm a fellow very petite lady and a newly-minted fashion blogger. Check out my blog, if you have a chance!

To answer your question, ballet flats can be tricky as far as comfort goes. I own a lot of them because I walk to work, and I don't want to ruin my nice heels in the process. I like to buy them half a size bigger and put those cushy heel inserts (by Foot Petals) into the back so they don't rub my Achilles tendon. I like the ones that are cut fairly low around the ankle, heel, and toe box. Once I break mine in, they are really comfortable and don't look silly with my work attire when I'm commuting.


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