Monday, January 2, 2012

Casual & Cozy

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I hope you had a wonderful New Year celebration. Unfortunately, I welcome 2012 with a terrible cold. I couldn't get up on NYE so we spent the night in our own home. There is no better way to end the year than popping a bottle of champagne by the fire place and making a toast with two of my favorite people in the world.

Just a quick post today to show you guys an outfit I wore a few weeks ago. Turtleneck sweater used to be my least favorite article of clothing, but it's growing on me. It sure does a great job at keeping me warm and hopefully, stylish? I love colors but sometimes the mood strikes for a completely neutral outfit. This is an outfit composed of all basic pieces but I think they mixed well together. Also, it isn't too hard to find neutral pieces in my closet =)

What I am wearing:
Dress (wore as skirt): Express striped dress - size XXS (buy similar)
Sweater: GAP - size XS (buy similar - 25% off)
Belt: H&M (buy similar in burgundy)
Tights: GAP opaque tights - size S
Jacket: BB Dakota Shelton (buy similar)
Booties: Banana Republic (buy this year's version)

As 2011 closes and 2012 is here, I want to thank each and every one of you for following my blog. I started this blog a year and half ago, not knowing if anyone would be interested in reading. I have been blown away by so many kind comments, new friendships made and the support of the petite blogging community. It's been a great year for and I am forever grateful.

Here's to a stylish 2012!



Super chic! Love the stripes.


Bravoe Runway

Sydney...I really LOVE that sweater. I am going to Gap as soon as I write this comment it is a 5 minute walk :) Happy New Year and I hope you are feeling better!

easy petite looks

i love turtlenecks and i think they're stylish! i struggle with them because i feel constricted around my neck. i think it would take some getting used to!


Hey Sydney! Sorry to hear about your cold! My husband was starting to develop one on NYE as well. :( Luckily, it seems like he was able to fight it off!

This top is a nice cross between a turtle-neck and a cowl-neck! Love the dress as a skirt with this item...great idea!

Honey from

Sydney I love your Express striped dress! Love you how you layered it!


Hope you are feeling better now! I love turtle necks! You look lovely!


i love turtle necks & this outfit is very stylish! Hope you're feeling better & Happy New Year!

With Each Passing Day

Happy New Year! Hope you feel better soon. Super cute outfit.


cute shoes!

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

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Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

Amazing outfit, I know how you feel about turtlenecks, I feel like I'm being choked! But that one looks nice and loose. I hope you're feeling better Sydney!


Haha I've never liked turtlenecks either because I always felt claustrophobic in them, but this one looks really nice on you! Love your BR booties too :) Hope you had a great New Year's!


Super cute Sydney! Hope you feel better soon!


I saw on Twitter that you're still bedridden, so I hope you feel better soon! Turtlenecks used to be my least favorite item as well. I think it's all the turtlenecks I was forced to wear as a child under plain crewneck sweatshirts : ) But
"cowl" necks? Chic and cozy.


Very chic! I like your hair in a bun like that too!
Hope you feel much better, not a very good way to start the New year!

I am Khatu

I hope you're feeling better!


Hope you feel better soon, Sydney. This is the season to be sick, I guess. Nevertheless, you look amazing as usual. Wonderful idea of putting a thick cowlneck sweater over a summer dress. I just have to try it myself too. :)


that is a very pretty dress from express. i am a huge fan of their skirts. :) hope you get better soon!



happy new year! you look cozy and stylish at the same time. i hope you're feeling better!

Girlie Blogger

An excellent cold weather look.


syd you look like such a cool cat :D i love the shades and casual vibe this outfit gives off and props to you - i thought it would be so cold now in the midwest!


Happy new year and hope you feel better soon! Love how you layered the sweater with the striped dress - very pretty!

The Little Dust Princess

Love the first photo : ) You did a great job layering, Syd! Hope you're feeling better now and happy new year!


Oh, I hope you feel better! I do love that first picture of you. It looks like its from a magazine!


Thank you, everyone, for your well wishes. Unfortunately, I'm still pretty much sick but hopefully, will get better soon.


Such a cute outfit! Love the muted, romantic tones and those adorable little booties :)


Love the turtle neck! You look so chic and cozy at the same time!


Hope you will feel better Sydney and happy new year to you and your cute lil family!!!

Petite in the City

Happy New YEar! I hope you're better now! That sweater looks fab, going to see if they have it in my local stores!

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