Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Afternoon Shopping Recap

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I took half day off today to attend an event at my daughter's school. I had some time to kill before the event started so I decided to stop by the mall for a quick shopping trip. I didn't find a whole lot worth buying/trying but I want to share some fitting room pics with you guys.

Old Navy: I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this Old Navy printed wrap dress, which was $32.94, now marked down to $10.99. It is still full-price online (see this dress on Jean). I am wearing an XS regular and the fit was great. The length is also perfect for my height. My store still has quite a bit left in both colors.

GAP: I also tried on the GAP dotted wrap dress (recommended by RLLater) and was pleasantly surprised with the fit. The length is a bit longer than the Old Navy one. However, I kinda like this new length. I personally think a wrap dress would look good on all body types. The style of the wrap dress hugs a woman’s body in all the right places, accentuating cleavage, and cinching the waist. This dress is still full-price in store. I didn't get it but will consider if it goes on sale.

Banana Republic: Here are a few fitting room pics from Banana Republic that I took yesterday. I didn't purchase any of these items just because I wasn't 100% in love with them. Even with a 50% discount that I got from a sweet reader, they're still pricey for me. I couldn't find this jacket online but I believe it is a new arrival (see this blazer on Elle). I like the color (especially for the upcoming Spring). However, I don't typically need blazers for work. I don't see myself reaching for it often.

This Banana Republic Notched front colorblock dress also fits decent on me. I like how classic it looks with modern accents. If you're into color blocking, this dress is a good option. Personally, I think this dress is a bit too formal for work but too conservative for going out.

BR is giving out coupons for 40% off a full-price item in store. If you're eyeing something, be sure to ask for them. Also, Old Navy Super Cash is back. For every $20.00 spent at Old Navy, you'll get $10.00 in Old Navy Super Cash.

Enjoy your weekend!



i think the second dress' colours look better on the model, but that first one is a winner on you! the blazer is also too cute for spring :)

Really Petite

I wish I could see the front of the first dress on you. From what I can see- it looks great on you! It's hard for me to wear wrap dresses because it shows too much and then I have to wear a cami underneath...


Thanks for the review, I love the old navy dress, and the price!! I'll go check it out at the store after work.


sydney, you look so good in wrap dresses. i really like both prints.

With Each Passing Day

Thanks for the review. The wrap dresses and BR colorblock dress looks good on you.


So nice to see these items on a fellow petite Sydney! The last three items are beautiful on you, but you're right, if you're not going to reach for them very often they wouldn't be much of an addition to your wardrobe. Thank so much for this review ;)


Everything looks great on you! I especially love the BR dress... I think it's perfect for anytime!

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle

Bet you were the best dressed mom at your daughter's school :O) I really like the wrap dress on you. Fits you like a glove.


I have the dress from Banana Republic - with the 40% off coupon. It's a wonderful dress :)


I love the orange blazer and the BR colorblock dress! You should have gotten it - I don't think it looks too formal for work at all :D


I really love the BR dress, it looks great on you too! I think i'm going to buy it!

Vanessa Ribeiro

I love the dresses and
the orange blazer is beautiful =)
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That wrap dress is gorgeous and for $10 its awesome!

Karen (littlepiecefnb)

Wrap dresses are super flattering and timeless on you. Great deals, Sydney!


The dotted one is my favorite of the bunch! Great deal on the ON dress!


Looks like I need a make a trip to ON asap! With that price it's definitely a steal.

just tututiny

Beautiful, I love the color and print, it looks very pretty on you. I stopped by ON in FL and sadly the sale priced items are still on the high side.

Leah H

Just want to make a quick note about the idea that wrap dresses look good on all body types. They DO NOT work on busty figures. Unless the dress is designed specifically for a busty shape (usually consisting of darts on the front of the bodice), large breasts pull the neckline wide open. These dresses are very cute, but trust me as a very busty (but small elsewhere) woman when I say that the idea that wrap dresses are "universally flattering" is a big, fat myth.


What fabulous finds!! Beautiful items :)

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