Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review: Adrienne Vittadini Vicky flats and Me Too Karlie 2 flats

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A pair of cap toe flats is definitely on my shopping list for this season. Bloggers are sporting them everywhere. From flats to pumps, these cap toe shoes are making their mark. After searching for a few weeks, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the Adrienne Vittadini Vicky flats in Taupe via Hautelook.

{Showing: Adrienne Vittadini Vicky flats in Taupe}

What attracts me most to these is the dual-tone in classic colors. These flats have the perfect blend of beige and black going on. They have a classic and modern look about them all at the same time. The bows add a feminine touch to these flats. They are absolutely adorable and will be a great neutral that will pair with most anything. Just for reference, I try to find shoes that don't show toe-cleavage. These particular flats are perfect for my feet.

As far as the fit goes, these are certainly on the wider side. I'm generally anywhere between a 6.5 and 7, depending on the shoes. I ordered these in a size 7. The length isn't so bad as much as the wideness of the width. They don't slip off my heel when I walk and I don't have any problems walking in them. However, there is a bit of a gap between them and my feet. The gaping doesn't bother me though since I don't have any problems walking in them. I already wore them 5 times and they perfectly stay on my feet. Aside from this issue, they are such good quality and so well-made, soft leather and very comfy. Overall, I am happy with this purchase but wouldn't recommend them to someone with more narrow feet.

I ordered the Me Too Karlie 2 flats in Driftwood for my Mom as part of her Mother's Day gift. They just arrived today. I am a huge fan of Me Too shoes. Between my Mom and I, we own 5 pairs of Me Too shoes/flats. They fit quite true to size. This has been true of every pair of Me Too we have ever owned. My Mom's feet are a bit smaller than mine. I ordered these in a 6 for her. They have thick cushion inside so your feet are very comfortable and are truly supported. These flats are very well made, the perfect combination of comfort/style and they're overall beautiful.

Readers, are you a fan of cap-toe shoes?



I like your cap-toe with bows. They are so cute. I've been looking for beige & black combo shoe, so far I cannot decide. I have one cap-toe shoe but with black-black. They are fun but not so elegant as the one with black-beige.


I love love love the first pair! It even has my name in it, lol. So cute. It doesn't look like it has as much cushion as the Me Too ones those, and has absolutely no heel - I mean not even 1/2 inch. I am debating if I should try it out. I know I like a bit of a heel though, 1/2 inch would be enough. :)


I an also a big fan of Me Too too :-) I tried the cap toe shoes but felt they were making my feet look smaller than they normally are (I am 5.5) Love both the shoes you bought.


Definitely a fan of Me Too shoes, I have a pair of nude Me Too flats and they are so comfortable!


@Vicky Even though, they don't have much cushioning, they're very comfy. I am afraid they might be a bit too wide for your feet. It would be best if you can try them on in store first to get a feel.

With Each Passing Day

Thank for review. I am desperate need of flats shoes. I like both shoes.


The Vicky flats are gorgeous! I love the bow detail and how it incorporates both colors there.


I don't own any cap toe shoes but I love the beige, black and bows! Cute ones for mom too!!! Just imagine, one day your little girl will be buying you shoes!

Happy Chinadoll

Those are nice. I really like the one with the bow. Very cute.

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