Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Trend: Vivid Neon

Neon is an absolute hit for the upcoming Spring. While I tend to shy away from bold colors, they can add a lot of life to an outfit. Neon colored clothes can be very tricky sometimes. My only tip - pick one piece to go neon with and keep the rest neutral. I picked up this neon blouse last week from H&M and have been loving it. A hint of neon adds a super happy punch of color to my outfit.

What I am wearing:
Blouse: H&M *current* (buy similar)
Belt: Talbots embossed leather belt (buy similar)
Sunglasses: Kate Spade Gayla
Pumps: Banana Republic (buy similar)
Bracelet: c/o Yuni Kelley (use code SYDNEYSFD for 20% off)

I originally paired this blouse with a pair of white denim then changed my mind. I like the contrast between the dark denim and neon much better. These Old Navy Rockstar jeans is my absolute favorite pair of denim at the moment. They're very comfortable to wear and hug my legs in all the right places. The color is super versatile and of course, you can't beat the price.


On an unrelated note, my giveaway with Muse Apparel is still going. You have until Wednesday to do so. If you haven't entered, click here to fill out the raffle form. Thanks to all those who have entered so far.


  1. You look amazing in those jeans! And the yellow blouse is a beautiful pop of color! Simple and effortless, love it!

  2. You are just gorgeous. You look beautiful in anything! truly! :D

  3. Beautiful! I love yellow on you.

  4. i love this neon yellow color on you! very pretty! i was at h&m today and didn't see this blouse. will have to look for it next time.
    are those BR pumps new? i really like the pointed toe and the mini platform. they're really sexy.

  5. I love yellow & This is such a cute shirt, I'm pretty sure I need it...
    anyways, bangin body!


  6. I love the neon yellow blouse! I have to agree, wearing neon colors can be tricky, but you wore it beautifully by keeping everything else neutral!


  7. I love the color on you!!! Great pick from H&M!

  8. Love the neon yellow top, looks so pretty on you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. I love the yellow reminds me of summer =) I cant wait for more sun here in Vancouver haha.


  10. I have the same top and wear it with the same color jeans the other day. You look great Sydney. You bounce back fast and never look like even pregnant not too long ago.


  11. @Ping Thanks,Ping! They're actually really old =)

  12. i love your pictures!

  13. I totally agree neon yellow is the it color this season. It adds such an amazing POP.

  14. hi sydney. i love your belt. is it a recent purchase and do you remember the name of the belt? i tried looking for the same one on the site but no such luck.


  15. @Jenn Hi Jenn! I bought it last month. Not sure if they're still available in store or not. I don't see them online anymore though. The item # is 37274156. You can call Talbots and see if they can locate one for you. Hope that helps!

  16. Your a very simple chic dresser. A pleasure to have found your blog. We would love to collaborate with you in near future. Great content.

  17. I'm loving your jeans on you!! I've been holding out on the ON Rockstar but definitely need to check them out!

    cute & little