Monday, November 18, 2013

2013 Holiday gift guide: For beauty lovers

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Can you believe Christmas is only 36 days away? Over the next few weeks, I will be showcasing a ton of great items for everyone on your shopping list. This week’s gift guide is for all beauty lovers out there. I actually own everything mentioned in this post. I call these my "holy grails". They have stood the test of time. I stand by these products and would highly recommend them. If you’d like a detailed review of any of these items, just leave me a comment.

1. Clarisonic Mia cleansing system: I have been using my Clarisonic for almost 3 years and never had any problem with it. It is the most important thing in my skincare routine. I use it every other day with the Shiseido Purifying Cleansing Foam.
2. Chanel Chance: This is my favorite daytime fragrance particularly because the scent is clean and fresh without being overpowering.
3. Urban Decay De-slick makeup setting sprayAfter I apply my makeup, I spray this product 2 times to keep my makeup stay put. It keeps my skin looking matte all day and controls oil.
4. Urban Decay Naked 2 paletteWhen it comes to makeup, I truly believe less is more. The Naked 2 palette is my go-to palette. It has all the shades I need to create daily neutral looks. Urban Decay is releasing the third version of its popular Naked palette in a few weeks. What are your thoughts?
5. Shiseido purifying cleanser: This product leaves my skin squeaky-clean without drying it out. It lathers really well and not to mention the scent is amazing. This cleanser does not have the brightening effect.



Hi, I would love to see why you love these products. I don't expect a detailed review for each but if you can consider including a couple of points for each product will be great. Thanks!

Jen K

I love my Clarisonic (just got it last year) and that Shiseido cleanser has been a staple in my bathroom for almost 10 years now :)

@Tracey Updated the post with my thoughts. Hope that helps and thank you for stopping by =)

kileen valenzuela

i love my clarisonic too! definitely a staple in my skincare routine.

cute & little


I would so love the clarisonic mia!


Thanks for adding in the key points! They are so helpful. I am particularly intrigued by the Shiseido cleanser. I might give it a try. Thanks!


love #3 do not know how i lived w/o setting spray my entire life!!! lol!! :)


My big personnel thanks to you. I love holiday.It has really helped. I must appreciate your excellent work


Great choices for gifts. I recently tried You Makeup Celebrity Inspired Makeup Kits and I loved them. I'm thinking of buying a more for my friends and my mom. They are really great products all in one kit to get the look with step-by-steps. You can get them at

@Carly Thanks for sharing. I have to check it out =)

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