Friday, July 25, 2014

The Foyer (Take 2)

Since this post, we've made a couple of minor changes to the foyer. I was in a hurry to decorate our place for the house warming party and overlooked some of the important keys. I replaced those glass vases with the metal ones for safety reason. My 22-month old is all over the place these days. These vases wouldn't hurt her if she happens to knock them down. I bought them from Hobby Lobby. Even though they're made out of metal but they're very lightweight. The color seems to compliment the area well. I also gave my oldest one the sheepskin rug and replaced it with a more mature-looking one from Pottery Barn. We love all the different warm tones and are very happy with how everything turned out this time.


lisacng said...

Great updates! Wow, your little one is 22 months!!!!

Unknown said...

The new vases are very pretty! My SIL had to change out her vases when she had her boy.