Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Review: MINKPINK Lace Dress

I was looking for a dress to wear to an upcoming special occasion and ordered this pretty LBD to try. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for me but I thought I would do a quick review just in case anyone is interested.

Mink Pink lace dress
• This dress is from MinkPink (an Australian-based brand). I would say their sizes are pretty comparable to ASOS sizes. I am wearing an XS in this post and the fit was spot on.
• While I loved the fit, I wasn't too thrilled about the style. I think the dress just looks dated overall.
• For some odd reason, I thought the color was navy. It was one of those let-me-place-an-order-before-I-go-to-bed moments =)
• The lace is super delicate. I am a little too careless to take care of something this dainty.
• While the dress didn't work out for me, I thought it would be very pretty if you’re looking for something a little more dressy and formal.

  Mink Pink Lace Dress 2


Jessica said...

I actually think the dress is really cute! Such a bummer it wasn't a keeper for you though.

Liz said...

I'm really liking this dress. Too bad it didn't work out for you.

Lauren said...

You look insanely sophisticated and classy! I just love lace on you (not to mention the pearls as well)! This is such a fabulous dress. So pretty girl!

Lauren xo
Sophisticated In Style

Lauren said...

Also meant to add that sorry it didn't work out for you! I know you think it's a bit dated, but I really do adore it on you!

Lauren xo

Unknown said...

thanks for your sharing, I like it. How about the http://www.missyrobede.fr/robes-de-mariee.html ?

Tara | The Mix said...

Sorry it didn't work out...I personally think you look stunning in it!

Unknown said...

The dress is so pretty, but I can understand why you sent it back. I too would be worried about snagging the dress every time I wore it. Thanks for sharing your honest opinions.


Rebecca said...

Awww too bad it didn't work out for you....this LBD is so pretty, love the delicate look & you're rocking it too!!!