Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sheinside: Hits & Misses # 4


Happy Friday, everyone! Today's post is another hits and misses featuring a few items from Sheinside. I thought I had the game down in terms of selecting items but I guess not. Everything reviewed here is a complete miss for more than one reason. All links below are non-affiliate. Click here to read previous hits & misses posts.

First up is this cute ice-cream dress. It was the best one of the bunch. The dress itself isn't so bad. However, there is something about it that I don't like and can't quite put my finger on it (too puffy? too childish?). The fit is decent and it's 100% lined. It might be cute for a picnic at a park but I can't see myself wearing it often.

..and it went downhill from there. I won't go into details about the rest of the items. They obviously don't look good in photos. The fit of this polka dot dress is so odd. I tried to make it look better by cinching the waist but for sure, this dress will end up in the donation pile


I had high hopes for this set. The style is trendy and unique but again, the bottom is way too big on me and the material is super thin.


This white dress has the same issue as well. The fit is OK but the dress is completely unlined, the fabric feels cheap and is extremely thin.


I hope you find this post somewhat helpful. As mentioned in the previous post, it's not fair to associate Asian-based retailers with cheap clothes. There are some great pieces that can be found but it does take some trial and error. Being a style blogger, I feel lucky to be able to try on these items at no cost and hope to pass along some recommendations to you. A lesson learned this time - Stay away from light-colored pieces. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



The ice cream dress is so adorable, yes great for a day in the park. Very helpful post, I've found that there are some misses for me since I am tall so a lot of items don't fit the best, but I have scored some great pieces that fit too. Have a nice weekend. <3
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Mica said...

Shame that you didn't have a lot of luck with your order! I actually really like that polka dot dress when it's belted - it looks lovely! But if you're not comfortable in it it won't be something you will wear often. Hopefully you have more success with your next order :)

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Angie | said...

the ice cream dress is absolutely adorable! perfect for 4th of july coming up