Friday, January 29, 2016

What's in my Chanel wallet on chain (WOC)?


I talk about my Chanel wallet on chain (WOC) to death on this blog. It's hands down one of my favorite items in the closet. Even though it's small, it has proven to be super versatile. For this week's handbag chit chat, I am going to show you what fits inside a Chanel WOC. The wallet has slots for credit cards (which I do not use) plus one zippered compartment (which I don't use either). I only use the main compartment to store my stuff. My iPhone 6 plus fits comfortably in there. I use my Kate Spade card holder to store a couple of credit cards and my ID. It's very compact and doesn't take up much space. I found this random clear pouch from my daughter's bathroom and use it for my key, chap stick and my everyday lipstick. Eventually, I want to get a small leather pouch to replace this but it works for now. There is more room inside for travel wipes if needed.


Everything pictured above fits comfortably inside the wallet without being bulky. When I use it as a clutch, I would be able to fit everything mentioned above plus room to store the strap. If you're still on the fence about this wallet, I can't recommend this enough (a huge collection of pre-owned Chanel wallet on chain available here)



Unknown said...

Love the wallet and phone case!

Dash of Fash and Finance said...

The wallet is very pretty and I love how much room it has. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!


Mica said...

You manage to fit quite a lot into your wallet! :) I'm always trying to downsize what I carry around with me - I have to carry so much sometimes with a toddler!

One day I'd love to get a cute Chanel WOC - I love cross body bags.

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