Friday, February 26, 2016

Handbag Chit Chat :: Splurge vs Steal

For this week's handbag chit chat, I wanted to share some affordable alternatives to my favorite luxury brands. As much as I love my handbags, the price tags made me cringe. However, you don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy their beautiful silhouettes. Below are my top 5 beautiful yet affordable options to the it bags.ChloeDrewDup_SydneysFashionDiary


Dash of Fash and Finance said...

Great comparison! have a wonderful weekend filled with many blessings!

Miriam said...

Great post! All women are bags-addicted (my favourite ones are leather clutches) but only few women can affort desogn handbags...this article will definetely be really appreciated!!! Thank you, great idea ;)

Unknown said...

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