Friday, December 23, 2016

Design your own custom jacket


I received this coat last week and am so excited to share it with you. You might or might not remember, I did a review for Sumissura last year. Since then, they have improved their logistics process as well as their tailoring facilities. Sumissura reached out to see if I am interested in trying out another coat and of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I won't go into too much details because they are the same as what I mentioned in last year's review. However, I will go over details of my order.


This time I wanted a menswear-inspired coat. I had the vision in my head and when I put the coat on for the first time, it is exactly how I envision. Before placing my order, I took inspiration from Pinterest and noted down all the details. I basically design my own coat. I wanted a single-breasted coat with wide lapel, flap pockets and no belt in navy (surprisingly I don't own any navy coats)


I submitted my order. A day later, I got an email from Sumissura saying that they have noticed changes in my measurements. They wanted to confirm if it was intended or this was a mistake. They compare my new measurements with what they have on-file to ensure those new measurements are correct. I thought that was really nice. As you can tell in these photos, the coat fits me perfectly. I could not have asked for a better fit. The material is soft to the touch and feels luxurious. I do wish the color is a bit lighter (the fabric looks almost black in real life)

I mentioned last year that they forgot to monogram my jacket. They got it right this year and I love it. The custom silk lining along with my initials add a very special touch to the jacket. A completely customized wool coat for $200 is a steal in my opinion. I am truly impressed and would 100% recommend it to anyone.

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