Monday, April 17, 2017

Best Hair Store :: The most natural looking hair extensions

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your loved ones. We had so much fun with the girls, went to multiple egg hunts and got to see my in-laws. Back to work we go today *sigh*. Onto today's post, a few weeks ago, Best Hair Store contacted me and asked if I am interested in trying out their hair extensions. Since I love writing reviews, I said yes. This is my 3rd set of extensions and I will go over the other 2 as well. My hair loss began after giving birth to my 1st child. Even though my kids are no longer babies, my hair is still falling out quite a bit. I've been trying several methods to help slowing down thinning and hair loss. Pray to God I will see some improvements soon.


In the mean time, I was looking for a set of hair extensions that gives my hair a little extra oomph for certain styles. I don't necessarily want a head full of hair. After looking through all the options, I decided to go with the 16" silky straight in the color "natural" for my review

First impression - the packaging: Shipping was lightning fast. After I placed my order, the package arrived on my doorstep 4 days later. The package came unfortunately all ripped up on both sides. To me, product presentation is crucial and they totally missed the mark on this one.


Onto the actual product - I went with the "natural color" and couldn't have asked for a better match. They give my hair a bit of volume and the color matches perfectly. I don't believe people will be able to tell I am wearing extensions. They blend even better with curls. These extensions surprisingly are silk soft. Not only will they curl better/faster, the curls will also last longer.

Compare to my other extensions - My first ever set of hair extensions was the Irresistible Me (wore here). They were just OK, didn't wow me at all. For awhile, I let my natural color hair grow out. I decided to color my hair extensions as well. It was a complete failure. I basically ruined the set lol (as you can tell from the photo below - the middle set). I purchased another set from Bellami Hair last Christmas. Their extensions are fine but the 18" length was too long on me (makes it very obvious that I have hair extensions on). I also wanted to point out that Best Hair Store hair extensions use the biggest clips (which I prefer). They hold my hair much better and more secure. As for the cost, all 3 sets are pretty much in the same ballpark. However, Best Hair Store & Bellami Hair extensions are 100% remy human hair vs. Irresistible Me hair extensions are synthetic hair


All in all, I am glad I have a set of hair extensions that look insanely natural for special occasions. If you can look pass the poorly presentation, the actual product is quite good and worth considering.

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