Monday, May 22, 2017

5 reasons why I enjoy shopping at Shein

I am fully aware that the quality of their clothing is questionable. However, I am sharing 5 reasons why I still enjoy shopping at Shein. Outfit details: Shein top *size S* | Shein jeans *size XS* | Steve Madden wedges | Quay sunglasses *my new obsession* | Gerard Cosmetics Skinny Dip lipstick


1. Allows me to stay on trend without breaking my bank: I love the embroidered trend as much as the next person but can't justify the Gucci price tag for such a trendy item. Plus trendy items might not last more than a season or two.

2. The selection is huge: Hundreds of new items added everyday. I enjoy spending 5 minutes each day just to browse and keep up with current trends. Also, since the selection is huge, I can find unique styles that I may not often see elsewhere.


3. Clothes that actually fit my petite frame: Asian sizes run small in general. Hence, most items fit me without requiring alterations. Take this pair of jeans as an example, they fit amazing. The waist, the wash, the length, the replacement of knee rips are perfect. I can often become frustrated when shopping for jeans (especially distressed jeans). Finding the right pair of jeans for my body shape is like finding a needle in a haystack. The quality of this pair is amazing. The fabric is thick yet stretchy and oh so comfortable to wear.

4. The thrill of finding something amazing for cheap: I feel like a million bucks in this outfit even though it's only $31 (the top is $17 and the jeans is only $14). As mentioned above, I love the feeling when I happen to stumble upon something so fantastic for less than $15. I completely agree that sites like Shein are pretty hit or miss with what you get but there are still gems to be found. 


5. The purpose of reviewing: Last but not least, I enjoy reviewing these affordable items for you. I am at the point where I have way more clothes than an average person would ever need. I purge my closet every 3 months because I hate clutter. I am not going to spend money on new clothes just for the sole purpose of featuring them on the blog. Receiving courtesy items allows me to share my completely honest thoughts with you without additional cost to me.

I hope you enjoy this post. I always try my best to be honest, real and helpful when it comes to blog content. Happy Monday!

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Marta said...

I love SheIn so much! I'm always getting stuff from them. And like you said, they can be quite hit or miss but when it's a hit, it's amazing.