Wednesday, May 24, 2017

More designer handbags are on sale

Sorry for all the sale posts this week but who wouldn't love a good sale, right? Ssense just launched their designer sale about an hour ago (up to 50% off). I purchased this exact YSL clutch from them a few months ago and had great experience (update: This clutch is now sold out but a similar version is still available here). I believe they're located in Montreal, Canada. Ssense offers free express shipping and returns in the U.S. I got my order within 3 days. They have a large selection of YSL handbags to choose from. Below are my picks from the sale:


1. Chloe mini Drew
2. Chloe small Marcie bag
3. Chloe mini Faye


4. Saint Laurent Monogram envelope bag *love*
5. Saint Laurent wallet on chain
6. Saint Laurent Kate satchel
7. Saint Laurent Sunset satchel *see it on me*


8. Givenchy small Antigona (shop all Givenchy bags on sale here)
9. Valentino small lock bag (shop all Valentino bags on sale here)
10. Burberry medium Banner tote (shop all Burberry bags on sale here)


Anonymous said...

ironic that i remember you listed the Chloe drew bag as one of the five bags you would never buy in a post several months ago and listed several reasons why. Now you are listing it as one of your favorites from the sale. i guess if it brings you commission if your readers buy it, then why not? typical blogger behavior to post whatever will get more clicks

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Anonymous You're correct. I said the Chloe Drew is one of the bags I won't buy and still stand by what I said. However, it's growing on me (nothing wrong with that). I still won't buy it for those same reasons. Since it's a popular bag, I know some of my readers will appreciate a timely sale alert and not nitpicking over little details. To address your concerns because evidently, the word "favorite" bothers you, I will reword my sentence. As far as commission goes, that's old news. If "blogger behavior" annoys you, why are you here?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sydney, thank you for posting this about cute bags... for me, let's call it a goal :-)
I have to say that your blog definitely keeps me motivated to look better. Even my hubby notices the changes!!!
He just saw a smile in my face...and started teasing me...your blogger friend??? He asked.