Monday, December 11, 2017

10 top rated toys for kindergartens

Today, I am sharing 10 tried and true toys tested by my 5 year old toddler. She is a very busy little girl and these toys keep her engagaed for hours. Lakeshore Learning is hands down our favorite place for toys. They have many education, unique and fun toys. We go through toys often (see how my husband and I organize her toys here)

1. Fairy forest floor puzzle - I purchased this puzzle set a couple of years ago and it still remains one of her favorites. This exact version is no longer available but the latest ones are here.
2. Lakeshore Alpha-bots - This has a solid 5 star rating! Even I love to play along as well. Every letter has a different mechanism to transform into a robot. It's a great way to learn the alphabet.
3. Silly sentences game - She's in kindergarten now and it's been so fun putting sentences together. The silly ones are the best =)
4. Lakeshore slingshot math game - Another excellent educational game. It makes learning more fun and engaging.
GiftIdeasForKindergarteners2017_SydneysFashionDiary  5. Lakeshore what would you do game - This game will teach your kids that there are consequences for every choice. It's a great way to teach them how to make the right decisions based on different situations.
6. Kidz Delight alphabet tablet - This is Madelyn's favorite toy of all. She plays with it every single day on the way to school. I am getting one for my nephew this year too. At first she was just pressing the buttons for fun. Next thing I know, she can spell all the words correctly.
7. Mighty Mind game - Excellent puzzle sets to help children understand visual/spatial relationships and develop their creativity.

8. KidKraf Uptown espresso kitchen
9. KidKraft Chelsea doll cottage
10. Barbie dreamhouse playset

If your little one is into dollhouses, I have 3 recommendations above. We bought the KidKraft espresso kitchen in 2014 and she's still playing with it. The Kid Kraft doll cottage was gifted by my parents last year and she did spend quite a bit of time playing with it. We donated it this year to someone in need because we're getting her the Barbie dream house for Christmas. I was not sure about spending that much money on a single toy but it's literally the only thing she asked for this Christmas. I hope I can make your holiday shopping a little easier by suggesting some of our little girl's favorite toys

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