Saturday, December 9, 2017

Teddy Blake Eva vs. Hermes Kelly

TeddyBlakeEvaReview_SydneysFashionDiaryAs promised, I am going to review the Teddy Blake Eva bag today. If you're interested in hearing my thoughts about the brand and their bags, please read my initial post here. I have this bag for almost a month and I am thoroughly enjoying it. My first impression of the Teddy Blake Eva bag is basically the same as the Caty bag. It's extremely well made. The leather feels so nice and luxurious. The hardware is insanely shiny and beautiful. I am a huge fan of the pebbled leather. The biggest difference I've noticed is that the Eva is way more structured than the Caty. I had a hard time deciding on which color but ultimately went with the light grey. I am very pleased with the color. It's just simply gorgeous and goes with everything (I did not own a grey bag previously)
Let's talk about sizing! What I have here is the Eva silver 11" in grey and it's a wonderful size for a petite woman. As a small bag type of girl, I should have gone with a Kelly 28cm instead of a 32cm. The size 32cm isn't a bad choice but if you only consider one Kelly bag and you're petite, I would highly recommend a size 28cm. Now that I have the Eva 11" (which is the same size as the Kelly 28cm), I am 100% convinced that the Kelly 28cm looks best on me. On the positive note, I now have both sizes and love the ability to switch back and forth. I also love the fact that the Teddy Blake has the same look as the selllier vs. the one I have is the retourne. They're very similar but different in a way. Outfit details: Express top *40% off* | Topshop jeans | OTK boots | Teddy Blake Eva bag | similar hat
Below is a quick side by side comparison between the Teddy Black Eva 11" and the Hermes Kelly 32cm for your reference. The Eva is a bit more formal while the Kelly holds a bit more. I hope you find this post helpful. As mentioned in my initial post, if your (bag) goal in life is owning the Hermes Kelly or Birkin then I'd save and achieve that goal one day. However, if you love the classic styles and not too keen on the idea of dropping a huge amount of $$ on one handbag then Teddy Blake is a wonderful option (as long as you don't pass it off as something it isn't). TeddyBlakeEva_HermesKellyComparison TeddyBlakeEva_HermesKellyComparison

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