Thursday, March 22, 2018

10 classic items that will stand the test of time

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you know I don't spend much money on clothes. I am a huge believer that you can be stylish without spending a fortune. Target is actually one of my favorite places to shop for clothes. The only clothing category that I am willing to invest in is outerwear. Living in the Midwest, a quality piece of outerwear makes all the difference. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I don't mind investing in luxury accessories. The right accessory can make a simple outfit instantly feel elevated and expensive. However, I am only willing to invest in classic pieces. Below are 10 things that I wholeheartedly believe will stand the test of time. I hope to pass some of them down  to my daughters one day.
1. Burberry classic trench: I purchased this Burberry trench 4 years ago. Till this day, I still feel amazing every time I put it on. It's an iconic piece of outerwear you need in your wardrobe.
2. Burberry scarf: I picked up this scarf last year and can't get enough of it. It's something I know I will wear until it falls apart
3. Chanel classic flap: Is there anything more classic than the Chanel classic flap? I know I say classic so many times in this post but this truly is the most classic bag in the history.
4. Hermes Kelly bag: The Kelly was first introduced in 1930s. More than 8 decades later, it's still one of the most sough-after bags.
5. Chanel classic red lipstick: I don't wear red lipstick often but when I do, this is my go-to color. Pirate is the perfect shade of classic red that will update your look instantly
6. Christian Louboutin nude pumps: Christian Louboutin shoes are not the most comfortable ones but they sure are so pretty. I have the new simple pumps in nude pattern leather and the color goes with practically everything. The only 2 styles that I can recommend is the simple pumps (for everyday wear) and the new simple pumps for special occasions. For the life of me, I cannot walk in "So Kates" or "Pigalle". I've heard "Pillage Follies" is the worst. The new simple style I have is pretty comfortable (a bit of platform definitely helps). ClassicLuxuryItems_SydneysFashionDiary 7. Chanel earrings: I love Chanel costume jewelry. They're "affordable" compared to their leather products. A pair of classic Chanel earrings instantly adds a touch of class to any outfit (the exact pair here)
8. Chanel brooch: I searched high and low for this brooch and was finally able to track it down last December. I love the fact that it has a classic chain look and goes perfectly with my classic flap.
9. Cartier love bracelet/ring: For the things I mentioned in this post, the Cartier love ring/bracelet set has the most sentimental value to me. You might or might not know, I am a very sentimental person. I appreciate the things people do for me and I always try to return the favor. The Love ring is now my wedding band. I no longer have my original wedding band (that's another story for another time). We purchased the Love bracelet last October. As my husband put the bracelet on my wrist, we made a promise to always take care of one another. This bracelet means the world to me.
10. Rolex watch: Last but not least is a Rolex watch. This is something I am currently saving every penny for and hope to call one my own later this year.

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Dash of Fash and Finance said...

Hi Syd! Very cute and lux collection! I hope you get your watch! Have a blessed new week!