Sunday, March 10, 2019

Review :: Canada Goose Rideau Slim Fit Parka

A Canada Goose parka has been on my wishlist for a couple of years now. I wanted to get one last Fall but decided to hold off for a little while longer since we spent quite a bit last year. I mentioned in this post that I spent next to nothing in Jan and Feb and as I wanted to treat myself after landing a new job, I decided to pull the trigger on the purchase. What I was looking for: 
- A non-fur parka: I know Canada Goose is known for their fur hood but it's not my cup of tea. It never has been and it never will be.
- A hip-length parka: I tried on the Kensington and it's so overwhelming on my petite frame. I am only interested in hip-length styles.
- A slim fit cut: Canada Goose jackets are bulky in general. There are several slim cuts and those are the ones that I was looking to purchase.
- A pop of color: Canada Goose parkas are available in all classic colors such as black, navy, grey and olive green. However, I only wanted the red one to add a pop of color.

CanadaGooseRideau_SydneysFashionDiary By the time I narrowed it down, there is only one style available - The Rideau slim fit parka. Of course, when I decided to pull the trigger, my size wasn't available anymore. Based on the reviews I read online, the Rideau runs true to size. I would need an XS. I couldn't find it anywhere. I searched and searched for weeks and I still couldn't find it. I caved in and ordered a size small hoping that it would fit. Just as expected, it's big on me. It's hard to tell in these photos but the coat is pretty roomy. Since I am not planning to wear a tons of layers. I'd prefer a bit more fitted. The Rideau has a TEI 3 rating meaning that it's going to keep you warm even in temperatures as low as -20°C/-4°F. The color I am wearing here is called "redwood". This particular color is available only at Bloomingdale's. The red from the Canada Goose website is more of a blue-based red. I am fine with either of the colors as long as it's the right size. I can't tell you whether or not the jacket is worth the price tag since I haven't actually worn it out in extreme weather. As soon as the XS is back in stock, I will repurchase it. The Rideau slim fit parka can be found at Nordstrom, Canada Goose (there is one left in a size 2XS in red), Bloomingdale's and ShopbopCanadaGooseRideau_SydneysFashionDiary


Annie said...

Hi Sydney, I am so glad you blogged about this jacket. It has been on my wishlist for 2 years now but I cant justify spending so much $$$ on one especially since I already own a Burberry puffer which I wear all winter long. Sometimes I do find them discounted during the summer time but sizing is limited. I personally love the burgundy and the olive color ones.

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

Annie, I am glad you find the post helpful. I just spoke to someone who owns this jacket and she said it's 100% worth it. I know the price tag is hard to swallow. If I find it on sale somewhere, I will definitely let you know. Thanks for stopping by =)