Monday, July 22, 2019

Seafood Boil Recipe

Sharing my crawfish/seafood boil recipe today. My mouth is watering just looking at these pictures. We had friends and family over for a BBQ on Fourth of July. We cooked 25 lbs of crawfish and crabs. You can add shrimp, clams, mussels or any other seafood you like. Sometimes, I add sausages as well. It was delicious and such a fun experience!
Preparation: Thoroughly wash the crawfish in a large tub by rinsing and draining. Repeat the process until water is reasonably clean. Fill the tub with 1/2 lb of salt and leave the crawfish in salted water for 5 minutes The salt is used to purge the crawfish prior to eating. After 5 minutes, wash and drain the crawfish a few more times. Inspect and discard any dead ones.

Instructions: This recipe is for 20 lbs of crawfish
- In a large stock pot, add 2 gallons of Sunny-D Original
- 1 (64 oz) can of pineapple juice
- 2 liquid cups of concentrated crab boil oil
- 2 dry cups of crab boil powder
- 4 oranges
- 1 handful of fresh garlic cloves
- 6 tbsp cayenne pepper
- 6 tbsp granulated garlic powder
- 1 lb unsalted butter
- Bring to a boil
- Add cleaned crawfish to the pot
- Add cooked potatoes and corns to the pot
- Add more water to cover the mixture
- When it comes back up to a boil again, cook for 5 minutes
- Turn off the flame and let it soak in the pot for another 5 minutes
Garlic butter recipe (to pour on top of the crawfish mixture)
- In a small pot, melt 3 lbs unsalted butter (yes, I know that's a lot of butter!)
- 1 cup minced garlic (adjust the amount of garlic accordingly to your taste)
- 2 tbsp Old Bay seasoning
- 3 tbsp tamarind powder
- 2 tbsp chicken base
- 2 tbsp lemon pepper
- Cook over low heat until the butter is melted
- Pour the garlic butter sauce on top of the crawfish mixture

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