Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Keeping a positive mindset amid COVID-19 pandemic

Hope you and your family are doing well. The virus has hit us from all directions at once. This certainly has been an anxious and stressful time. During a time of crisis, it's extremely important to take a step back and focus on the positive. Take a few minutes each day to write down things you're grateful for. It can boost your mental well-being as well as create a positive mindset. Today, I am sharing 10 things that I am thankful for during this unprecedented time. I planned a night out with friends to celebrate my husband's birthday and his new job. I had to cancel due to obvious reasons. This was the outfit I planned to wear. I took these pictures a few weeks ago so might as well share them. Outfit details: Black sweater dress | Jimmy Choo shoes | Forever 21 earrings
  1. My house has never been cleaner. The kids' rooms are cleaned and organized
  2. I have time to try new recipes that I've been wanting to try forever
  3. I have a well-stocked fridge
  4. I am spending more time with the girls than ever before. We cook, we bake, we play and we exercise together
  5. I get to talk to my girlfriends several times a day instead of waiting until the weekend
  6. All my chores are done at the end of the day
  7. I am on top of my workout routine/schedule
  8. I am grateful that my family and friends are safe and healthy
  9. I am grateful that our jobs are safe and we are able to work from home
  10. I am thankful that I am able to get food and other essentials without leaving our home

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