Saturday, May 30, 2020

Transform a kid's room into a sophisticated teen room

Happy Saturday, everyone! Hope you all are doing well. Work has been hectic for the past few weeks. I am not complaining. I know it's a blessing to have a busy work life right now. However, I am having a difficult time juggling everything. We are taking advantage of quarantine and tackling some of the home projects that we have been pushed off for awhile. One of which was redoing the girls' bedrooms. We moved into this house when Courtney was 8 years old. She picked out the wall color that she wanted at the time. We brought over a few mix match pieces of furniture from the old house. Since there were other higher priorities, we put the remodeling of their bedrooms on the back burner. I talked about redoing the kids bedrooms last year but life gets in the way as expected. Now that we're all stuck inside, it's the perfect opportunity to tackle those projects. We turned a kiddie-looking room to a sophisticated teen room. She really loves the way it turned out and so do we.

BeforeRemodeling_SydneysFashionDiary BeforeRemodeling_SydneysFashionDiary
What we did:
  • Replaced the builder-grade light/fan combo with this chandelier. I dislike the old ceiling fan with a passion (lol). It was something that I knew I am going to replace down the road. I already replaced the one in my bedroom. Took awhile for me to find the chandelier/fan combo that I like but I am so happy with it. The retractable acrylic fan blades are really cool. It looks elegant in person and seems very well made.
  • Replaced the hand me down desk from my father in law with this desk. The old desk is probably 20 years old. Even though it's an amazing solid wood desk, it didn't go well with the room. Plus we need an extra desk since both of us are working from home now. I searched high and low for a white desk, and ended up ordering this one from Pottery Teen. It was a splurge for sure but I really like the way it looks. Also purchased this super cute chair to go with the desk.
  • Added additional storage space: Even though I love this desk, there isn't enough space for her school/art supplies. To create additional storage space, I added this cabinet from IKEA. It also servers as a printer stand. Now she has plenty of storage for her school supplies.
  • Repainted the room and created an accent wall: She wanted an accent wall. Instead of painting the wall using a different color, we decided to go with wallpaper instead. After looking through about 20 of patterns, we decided to go with this pretty print from Graham & Brown. The pattern is modern and stunning. The wallpaper was easy to apply. It created a contemporary feel yet understated. 
  • Created a wall bookcase: The last thing we did was putting together a bunch of decorative wall-mount shelves for her TV and knickknacks. You know this girl is a BTS fanatic so she needs all the space she can get for her BTS merchandise. My husband designed and put together the whole thing. Cabinets were from IKEA. Being married to a handyman has its perks I guess =) 
  • Added a full-length mirror: I also picked up this full-length mirror for her and it goes perfectly well between the bathroom and her closet. 
  • Added a chest for more closet space: I also picked up this chest from IKEA for added closet space. The chest stays inside her closet.
SophisticatedTeenRoom_SydneysFashionDiary SophisticatedTeenRoom_SydneysFashionDiary TeenRoomIdeas_SydneysFashionDiary TeenRoomIdeas_SydneysFashionDiary
There you have it. It's not a Pinterest-worthy room by any means but it's functional and practical. We wanted to create a room that she will grow into and love and I think mission accomplished. Next up is Madelyn's room.

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