Thursday, June 18, 2020

Life updates & what I wore lately

{Similar jumpsuits here | Le Specs sunglasses | Necklace and shoes linked below}
Hope you all are doing well. I've been working from home for a little over 3 months now. Life has been crazy to say the least. This is the longest time I've ever been home (longer than both of my maternity leaves). I've been working since I was 19 so it took me awhile to get used to being home all the time. The first month was really tough and chaotic with both of us working from home while helping the girls with distance learning. On top of that, the dog was extra needy when we are home all day. May was better for sure. We were slowly but surely adjusting to the new normal. For the most part, the kids are following their routines well and I found my WFH groove.

Work life: My closet becomes my second home. I set up my workspace inside my closet. I kind of like it that way. When I am on a call, I just shut my closet door. As for the husband, since there isn't a formal office in our house, he had to set up his workspace in the basement. It's not ideal but it works for both of us right now. He needs quiet spaces away from distractions and disruptions in order to be on the phone all day. The kids and the dog can have the entire house to themselves. It's not ideal but we just have to make the best out of the situation. With millions of people have lost their jobs, we are incredibly thankful that our companies are doing well amid the pandemic. I am juggling several projects at once and so does the husband. He works 10 -12 hours a day still but at least, I know he's in the basement =)
Social life: I miss seeing people for sure. Even though I haven't been inside a restaurant since March, I started to ease back into socializing. Last week, a few close friends and I ordered takeout brunch, then we went to a park and enjoyed it while keeping a distance from each other. It was great to see their faces and catch up. Madelyn returns to gymnastics. Not going to lie, I am nervous to see 15 kids in close proximity but so far, the gym has been doing a good job following guidelines required by the Ohio Department of Health. I mean, it's a tough call but gymnastics made our hearts happy. The smiles on the kids faces was priceless when they saw each other for the first time in months. I am curious. If you have kid(s), have you send them back to youth sports? It's a tough situation. It's hard on parents and it's even harder on the kids.
What else do we do? We spend a lot of quality time  together as a family. I walk Finn every morning and we also go for an evening walk with the rest of the family. We tackled some projects while being home. One of which was Courtney's bedroom. My husband and I just finished the landscaping last weekend. We've done a lot of cleaning, cluttering, and organizing in general.
Summer plans: We are dying to travel again. I know it's still not time to travel but being stuck inside for month has certainly increased that travel craving. I still have so much PTO. We go boating every weekend (weather permitting) but I just wanted to actually go somewhere. After much consideration, we decided to take a road trip with a friend. Their kids and Madelyn are in the same age range. The kids do get along really well. Everyone is so looking forward to it. I can't wait to get out of the house and enjoy some down time with the family.
Purchases: Who else shop a lot more during quarantine? lol Below are a few things that I picked up since March
Ana Luisa gold necklace: This was my first purchase from the brand and I am so impressed with the quality. All their jewelry pieces are tarnish free and hypoallergenic.
Ana Luisa gold earrings: After purchasing the necklace, I went and got these earrings 2 weeks later. The site has over 25000+ amazing reviews!
Steven black sandals: I need a pair of low-heel sandals (that are not flip-flops) and these are great!
High-waisted flare ankle jeans: I was looking for a pair of black jeans and decided to give this pair a try. They fit great and are super affordable
GAP black trousers: Surprisingly I did not have a pair of black trousers for work prior to this purchase. Again, I am happy with the fit and they fit the bill.
Old Navy striped jumpsuit: See it on me. Another great purchase.
Rayban sunglasses: I wanted to get a pair of new sunglasses for the trip and decided to try these round sunglasses. Not my typically style but I love them. They are currently on sale.
Canada Goose jacket: This Canada Goose jacket was on my wishlist for 2020. I pulled the trigger when it was 20% off back in March. Honestly, I haven't had a chance to wear it yet but I am excited to pull it out later this year
Gucci Marmont sandals: These Gucci sandals are my latest purchase. I just got them a few days ago and I love them. Even my husband likes them and he's not into designer stuff. I'll do a review soon.

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