Thursday, January 21, 2021

Amazing boots under $35

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As you might have noticed, I rarely push sales. Blogging is my hobby. I don't make a living off of this blog. However, I think you should go buy these boots I am showing you today =). They are both incredibly and under $35. First up is this pair of lace up combat boots. I purchased them last December and I cannot stop wearing them. I rarely leave the house these days but when I do, I always grab these boots. As you can tell in these photos. Both pairs are dirty because they have been worn. They fit comfortably right out of the box. They look way more expensive than $35. They are made of faux leather but have a more realistic look and feel of real leather. Love the side zipper for easy on/off. Run very true to size. I took my usual size 7. Available in 3 classic colors (black, brown and taupe)
Next up is this pair of hiking boots. I got them last November (mentioned in this post). Again, they're dirty because I've been wearing them so much.  I've walked miles in these boots and was pleasantly surprised with their comfort level. They run true to size as well. I took my usual size 7. These boots have great support, functional and fashionable. Can you guess how much they cost? They're $19!!! Available in black and tan (the tan is so gorgeous as well). Please do yourself a favor and go get these boots. You can thank me later =)
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