Sunday, August 1, 2010

Review: Allison Izu - Denim for petites (Panio Bootcut)

Today, I am reviewing the Paniolo bootcut denim from Allison Izu collection. I love how she named her denim in Hawaiian. According to the site, Paniolo means “cowboy”. I personally prefer bootcut denim over a pair of skinnies.

This is truly a go-to pair of jeans. They are super comfortable to wear. I am wearing a size 0/31" inseam. They have the Signature Plum "A" embroidered back pockets and the basic J-front packets.

The fit is great for me. This pair has a slim silhouette and fits snugly around my waist. Also, the 31" inseam seems like the right length for me. They fall in the right place on my heel and the top of my foot. They don't look sloppy and look like someone got carried away with hemming either. These boot cut denim can be easily dressed up or dress down. I put together a Fall outfit and am seeing myself wearing this outfit repeatedly.

What I am wearing:
Denim: Allison Izu Paniolo bootcut denim in 0/31 (buy here)
Blazer: BR boyfriend blazer in regular 0 (sold here)
Belt: Gap in XS (similar here)
Handbag: Beverly Hill Polo Club (similar here)

• Again, great fit for petites! The length is perfect for me with low heels.
• Light weight material is very comfortable to wear (especially for summer)
• Outstanding quality workmanship.

• Sizing is inconsistent: I previously tried on the Hotel St Skinny Denim in a size 00/31" inseam but the 27" inseam would still work for me. As for the Paniolo bootcut denim, I am wearing a size 0/31" inseam. The 27" inseam would not work for me. It’s hard to determine what would be the right size to order. It took a few shipments to get my correct size.

27 inseam vs. 31 inseam

Tips: When ordering online, look for the “Fit Detail” section. It’ll give you a hint of how the style would fit. Also, Allison offers free return on your first order which is a great plus.

Not only denim, Allison Izu also has a collection of T-shirt. Prices range from $32.00 - $48.00. These T-shirts are very unique. I am wearing the Short & Sweet, Short & Sassy, Short & Smart tank top. This tank is a one-size fits most.

Overall, these jeans are truly made for petite figures. From casual Fridays to any evening out with stilettos, this is the ultimate jean. This style is currently on sale for $69.00 from $165.00. She offers free shipping both ways on your first order. You can try on as many styles and sizes as you'd like. Stay tuned for Allison Izu’s denim giveaway later in the week.



Jean said...

I like the fit of this boot cut on you very much. It's shocking how the 27 inch inseams look on you. I think most women wear heels with their boot cut denim, so one would have to be 4'10" or something to be able to order the 27 inch boot cuts!

Petite Gorgeous said...

I was surprised about the inseam 27 for women's jeans when I first learned about the Allison Izu brand. The 31 inseam pair looks great on you.

PetiteXXS said...

Wow the fit looks perfect on you! Does the jeans come in any other washes? And I have to say... I can't believe you have a daughter! I hope I look like you after I have a baby lol :)

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@PAG and @PetiteGorgeous: I am not a tall person but 27 inseam is super short on me. I do like those jeans very much.

@PetiteXXS: Awwww...Thank you for a big compliment :) I think being petites, we can easily get our bodies back after having baby. I wish those jeans come in different washes too. Unfortunately, they don't.

curls-and-pearls said...

Wow the fit of the boot cut looks great on you. From the pics they look like they are sitting low on your hips, would you say that is the case? I forget how tall you are, I'm wondering how the 31 inseam would fit on me.

I checked the website but unfortunately the free return is not offered in Canada. Since you mentioned the inconsistent sizing I think it would be too much of a risk for me to take if I ordered them.

Ping said...

oh wow what a difference the inseam makes. the 27" looks so short. i like these a lot and they fit really nice on you. i also like the back is very simple and doesn't have any logo/details.

as for me....maybe i'm bigger than most petites, but i never have any issues finding jeans.

Nelah said...

I love the boot cut style but they do not look good on me. You rock in those jeans! I love how casual yet chic you look in your last picture.

Unknown said...

What a great review!!!! I liked the skinny jeans on you too but didn't think the zipper would look right on me!

Thanks for doing this post! And I love LOVE my necklace I won!!! Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!!

April said...

WOW, those jeans look FANTASTIC ON YOU!!!!!!!!!

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@curls-and-pearls: You can work with Allison to arrange the free return. I am sure she won't mind. These jeans are super low (which I like). I can't stand highwaisted jeans. I am almost 5'3 (5.2 and half?)and I couldn't ask for better length on these jeans.

@Nelah: Thank you! I love casual chic looks. I usually mix casual look with dressy elements.

@ReallyPetite: NP! I am glad you like it. I want to see it on you. Stay tuned for my second giveaway :)

CynthiaC said...

Great fit! Like I said in the previous post, I would LOVE for Allison to have 29" as an option. I think a lot of women would actually prefer that length. I don't know if too many women would want 27" for a boot cut.

Loren said...

You look great in bootcut jeans! I wish I could pull them off like you do! Oh, and thank you for the lovely comment!

chelle said...

Great review! They fit you so perfectly, like you were made to wear them!

R.L. said...

Very informative review! The jeans look great on you and I love how you put that outfit together with the blazer and all. I definitely love the style of these jeans better than skinnies you previously posted about mainly because the signature detail on the back pockets is less obtrusive. I like my pants plain with no obvious designs. After all, a brand should be able to stand alone without flashing logos like I see with brands like Baby Phat, etc.

Thank you sooo much for the code too! I think I might be in for a pair just like yours here. And looking forward to your giveaway ;)

noone said...

ohh cool! I always love to buy jeans so I will def check it out. I think these jeans fit you very well and love the white blazer you paired it with


Cute outfit! Love those jeans.:)SarahD

Jess said...

You look adorable! I love that belt!

Banhannas said...

The jeans might become an HG status for petites, they fit wonderfully on you! I'm also experiencing regret because I didn't buy that Banana Republic white blazer while it was available and it looks so great on you!