Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tucker for Target

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Tucker for Target collection by designer Gaby Basora has hit the stores and today. I was up this morning at 8:00 o'clock and wanting to go to Target. I have never waked up before 9:00 on Sunday morning. I try to sleep in as much as I could on the weekend. Since I missed the sale on few weeks ago, I was anxious to see what they have in stores. I went to the closest Target and as soon as I walked in, there are racks of Tucker for Target. I was extremely excited and took every XS I can find to the fitting room with me. Below is what I ended up with.


What I am wearing:
Dress: Tucker for Target in XS (buy it here)
Boots: Aldo (similar here)
Necklace: Lia Sophia - Fancy that necklace (buy it here)

Sizing: I would say even with the smallest size (which is XS), they are still big for petites. I probably tried on 10 pieces in XS and this dress is the only piece that actually fits me well. Some of them were OK and some of them were definitely huge for XS.

Close up of the dress

Material: Pretty much the entire collection made out of 100% polyester. None of the pieces are lined. I guess I kinda knew this when the collection first launched on


Cost: The collection which includes tops, bottoms, dresses and coats. Range in price from $19.99 to $79.99. I didn’t see any outerwear in stores today. I guess that’s not too bad considering a dress from Tucker Collection is selling for almost $500 at

Style: They're OK. For all pieces I have tried on, there wasn’t a piece that I have to have. I do love the bold prints and interesting patterns. Those prints are very unique. I was looking forward to this collection because that’s what I am missing in my closet – bold print and colorful pieces

Verdict: I'll keep this dress since it fits me nicely.

I also brought Tucker for Target® Halter Top in Floral Print  home to try with a skirt but it didn’t work. It is pretty long on me when not tucked in. It is also big on me. Therefore, the back couldn’t stay up very well. Although I love the print, I don’t think this top is wearable for me

I tried Tucker for Target® Tunic Dress in Orange on at store and it was big on me. I brought it home anyway to try with a belt but it didn't work, either. It was too big on me. It would be a nice piece to have for Fall. I didn't even take any pictures.
I am a little bit disappointed by this line (especially the sizing). For those of you who are interested in, I suggest you try them on at the store first to get the feel of the material and sizing then order online to take advantage of the $5.00 (use code LBCLM468). This collection will be available through October 17, 2010

What do you guys think? Would you try it?




Ahhh, great review. I woke up at 8ish today too and asked my boyfriend to take us to Target. Then I realized that the sizing is womens (most of their designer collaborations in the past were for juniors) and thus the sizing would be very unpredictable. I was going to order some items online but was deterred by the numerical (XS) sizing. i did see some things in size 1 though...did you try any on?

I like the dress belted on you. Oh, did you try on the floral print top posted for sale by 9 to 5 chic? She said it ran small so I was curious.


The dress looks pretty on you, with the belt. I'm not too sure about the material. I guess I have to really see them to know if I would like them. It's a disappointment that they run big, so I'd probably not bother.


Jean, I tried on this skirt at the store today and it was size 3. It fits me though but the cut was awful. It was so boxy on me. Size 1 definitely will fit you. Yes, I did try on that blouse too (in XS) but it was huge on me. For some reasons, those racks located in junior section at my local store but they are for sure women sizings.


Darn... I should've seen your review first because I'd ordered a few things online last night. Like PAG, I remembered that 9to5 chic said that their tops ran small so I took a chance (and plus free shipping & returns to Target stores). I also don't have any bold prints in my closet so I wanted to see what the hype was all about. Thanks for the review... I think the first dress fits you pretty well.


i like the halter top with that skirt belted. sorry for the sizing issues :( sometimes target is very hit or miss

Annie P.

Yea I wasn't too interested in this line because the florals/prints weren't that appealing and since it's all polyester, I'm not like I have to have it either. Great review, I was waiting for someone to talk about so I didn't have to make the trip to Target lol!


I really like the halter top on you - from the front at least LOL. I assum it was drooping at the back? I've had issues with halters as well. Really great review :)

Poster Girl

I absolutely love the way you styled the button-front floral dress. This is one of my favorite pieces in the collection. I ended up buying it in the little floral print, along with the bomber jacket. Thought this collection was more grown-up and ladylike than previous ones. Here is the link to my review:


It's a shame that the halter didn't work out because it looks so good on you in the pic! Good find on the dress though!


Darn I always miss those Target designer collabo sales!! Though I'm not familiar with this designer so I guess I'm not too bummed. I'm really liking that print halter with the white skirt ~ looks so chic and fresh! And that belt you added is so pretty!


The halter top looks very pretty on you. I have never looked into the designer brands at Target but you got me very interested. I'll check them out.

The Girlie Blog

You are so funny! I can't believe you woke up early to go to Target! You look beautiful though. Love that dress!


Thanks for the review! I hope to get into Target tomorrow! The first dress is adorable.


I didn't look into this line, I really wanted to try the Zac Posen line when it was available but this line was just too bold for my taste. I do like the first dress on you but I think Target's line is made for non-petites therefore I can understand why you were disappointed for the most part. Additionally, the top looks really great with the white skirt! I think you should keep it.

Secondhand Society

we love it! xx

Lisa - respect the shoes

I read some other reviews that also said the sizing for this collection seemed generous - for once I think the web site is able to keep up with demand since not everything is immediately sold out but I've also heard that not every store is carrying this collection?

You look great in that dress!


Oh, I'm going to totally sound like a newbie but who is this "Tucker" and whats with the hype? That first dress is my favorite, I loved how you paired it with those boots!!


ohhh i miss the sale! the 2 outfits are really nicely put together. i love the blouse and the belted high waisted skirt. you look very long and lean and sophisticated ;)

daisymay aka Chantele

Love the halterneck and white skirt outfit! Very sexy! I wish there were Targets in the UK, they always seem to have great clothes.

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Oh! I'm so glad you posted this review. I had completely forgot about Tucker coming to Target and I was just there.....Aaarrrgghh! Love that halter btw, too bad it's so long, wonder if it would be worth having hemmed?

Anna Katrina

i can never find a good dress from target but i think i need to start going shopping with you!

stop by sometime<3


I love it on you. Floral on black is such a great combo.

Six Feet Under Blog

I love Target! I always find perfect clothes there.

Fashion Meets Food

adoring the look!


Really Petite

How adorable are you? Loving this look!!!! I don't have much luck at Target but they do have really cute stuff sometimes!!!

Great find!

Jennifer Fabulous

You are so pretty!! I love that dress, it's gorgeous. The colors are amazing. :)


Thanks everyone for your comments. I am not too impressed on this collection but for someone who loves bold/color pieces, you should definitely check it out. For those of you who ordered/purchased from this collection, please do share your outfits. I would love to see them.


I just wrote a post about Tucker on my blog too but not going to post it for a couple days. I bought the same dress but in the other floral print, as well as some blouses and tanks. I was actually pretty happy with the collection!

its simple love

Oh my gosh! I LOVE that dress! It looks charming on you. I must check out this line.



The prints are cute on the pieces but 100% polyester totally turns me off... the quality seems bad. Is the material thin and flimsy or does it have some weight to it? My favourite piece is the halter-- pity that you have to return it :(

Have a great week!

Gayle is Volatile

Good choice! The dress compliments your figure so well :) AND your skintone. The boots are awesome as well!

-Gayle from


Looks great!


I love that dress!


Cute look!


I was happily surprised with many of the pieces, but you're right, the line does run big. I do love the dress you kept though. It's very flattering on you!

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