Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Giveaway winner


I have been super busy lately so I didn’t have any outfit post scheduled. My stuff is still in the suitcase from the trip to DC. I have tons of laundry to do, getting costume ready for little one. Since she is going to both private and public schools, she is having two costume parades this week. I feel like I have been moving non-stop since I got back from DC. That’s what I've got for being away from home a whole week. I also seriously need to come up with something for Petite Fashion Challenge #3 this Thursday. There are several ladies have completed their challenges. I cannot wait to see everyone’s outfits this Thursday.

I am happy that hubby was able to make it to Washington DC to see me after my training. There are many interesting places to visit in DC. We booked the Washington DC night tours, tours of Capitol Building (I highly recommended this tour if you are going to DC). The building is spectacular and full of history. We also visited The Smithsonian museums and the White House. It was a long drive back home but I am glad to be home. I missed my own bed 'cuz nothing feels like home. I’ll leave you with some beautiful photos from DC :)

And the winner of PetiteLittleGirl and So Stylilized’s giveaway is….

I’ll email you Jessica’s contact info so you can start working with her to redesign your blog. I am looking forward to seeing your new blog.


Elle said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Congrats to Rachel. :)

meeyeehere said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!

C said...

Welcome home! I'm glad you had fun in DC, the pics look great. When did you go? I hardly see any tourists in the pics haha

SewPetiteGal said...

Beautiful pictures! Hope you get some time to unwind from the trip. I finished my PFC post yesterday and am excited to participate! :)

PetiteXXS said...

Traveling is fun, but nothing beats being home! I really need to get going on my PFC too, but at least I have a semi-plan! Congrats to Rachel for winning!