Monday, October 4, 2010

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Today I'd like to introduce to you guys an online store that I am in love with recently. It is called "Ruche". Ruche is solely an online boutique that carries modern clothing with a touch of vintage. I dress conservative for work. My closet consists of plenty of basic and solid colored pieces. Although, I can see my style has slowly changed since I started blogging. My goal is to implement vibrant colors in my outfits especially during summer. I have received this skirt as a gift from Ruche and I am loving it. This skirt is exactly what I am looking for to add a bit of color to my wardrobe.

Sizing: The smallest size they carry online is XS but the selection is very limited. The skirt I am wearing is size small and it fits me perfectly. Before the skirt arrived, I was afraid it would be too big on me (because I don't wear sz Small - ever!). Surprisingly, it fits! It fits quite well in the hips, the waist and the length is also perfect for my height.

What I am wearing:
Skirt: Gift from (no longer available online)
Cardigan: LOFT Petite V-Neck Cardigan in XXSP (buy it here)
Belt: Express skinny leather belt (similar here)

Style: Ruche offers stylish and unique casual clothes. For some reasons, it reminds me of Anthropologie (but definitely not their insanely high prices). Ruche offers everything from vibrant skirts, vintage-inspired sweaters to embroidered jacket and lace-edged blouses. Each and every piece of clothing is unique and the selection is chic and beautiful. Because they're boutique-like store, one thing to keep in mind is that these pieces are available in very limited quantities.

I get bored from time to time with the same brand/store and I am always looking out for new places to shop. Ruche is definitely worth checking out. I love everything in their Fall lookbook.

Disclosure: I received this skirt courtesy of As always, my reviews are my personal opinion. I will not be compensated for posting this review on my blog.

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Does anyone have any experiences with Ruche?



Oooh the skirt looks great on you! I actually didn't like the stock picture, but on you I think it looks fantastic! They should use your blog photo to help sell the product :) The yellow belt is pretty too and would be a nice pop of color with other outfits!

I'm browsing their site, and looks like a MUCH better alternative to Anthro, both size-wise and price-wise! Thanks for sharing.


i love the bright happy yellow of the skirt. it looks great on you!


I'm surprised the size S is so slim fitting. It actually looks slimmer on you than it does in the stock photos! That's a nice lemon-y color for summer too :)


I love their clothes too (can't remember if they ship to Canada though) and I remember taking a look at the lookbook and being inspired! I too was skeptical about the sizing, but wow, would I be a medium then if you're a small?? ;)


I have never heard of Ruche before! I know what you mean by venturing out with different brands. I look in my closet and it is slowly resembling a LOFT store. Whoopsies. The skirt looks really awesome on you, I will definitely have to check them out!!! =0D


@Sophia: The belt came with the skirt but it was super long on me.

@Curls-and-pearls: They do ship to Canada. The shipment will take longer to get there but shipping costs the same as US

@Hanna: It's funny that you said that. I cleaned out my closet last week and throw a bunch of empty shopping bags from LOFT. I knew I have to stop going there :)


wow! I think this is my favorite outfit on you so far. The way you wore the skirt with that sweater looks so classy! I've been avoiding bright colors because I thought they make me look cheap or childish. But now I'm inspired to try some colors. And I never heard of this "Ruche" and I'm loving what I see on there since I'm an anthropologie-style fan too! Yay! new shopping site!


I had never heard of this store until now! I love the fall looks too and as always you look great!!


Wow, this skirt looks amazing on you!! Way better on you than the stock photo. I love the sunny color.


Thanks for introducing me to this store, they have such cute stuff and are surprisingly affordable. The yellow skirt looks terrific on you, and I can't believe the small fits you this well.

Sydney at PetiteGorgeous

Really love this skirt on you. I'm surprised about the great fit, too! Congrats on owning a vibrant color skirt :).

Sydney at PetiteGorgeous

Will you provide the measurement for us? Do the numbers match Ruche's size chart for small?

mich LA

Whoa the skirt looks fabulous on you! I would definitely not be brave enough to wear something that bright to work, but could see it looking good dressed down with a pretty white tank top and flat sandals! So versatile. :)

Will be checking out the store too!!

The Girlie Blog

I really like the skirt. And I love how you tucked the cardigan in. I don't think many people can pull that off.

Pop Champagne

the yellow and black look great! and I like your pick on the lookbook pictures too. the 2nd outfit is my fav


is this skirt lined?

Petite Chic[k]

I love that yellow! It's so sunny and just makes me happy.


Wow that skirt looks so much better on you than the catalog photo - they should make you their model :)


Thanks everyone for your comments!

@Sydney at PG: Measurement for this skirt is 13 inches across the waist and 20 inches total length. They match Ruche's size chart for Small. Although keep in mind that Ruche carries many labels so the sizing might off from brand to brand.

@Aubrey: This skirt is not lined


I just looove this color on you, Sydney. I think I used to hear a lot that Asians shouldn't wear yellow...bah! I've been wearing mustard yellow lots lately, and I've always loved bright, almost fluorescent yellow. i've seen this company around on some blogs. Thanks for sharing!


The color is so much better on you than on the website. It's such a happy, cheerful yellow :) Yellow with black always make me think bumblebee but nope, I don't see that here. Now I'm off to browse their site hehe

20 York Street

What a beautiful skirt! Too bad no Ruche here either! Btw, your wishlist from BR is my wish list too!

Love the ruffled cardi, I wanted it in black!


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milk tea girl

aw love this~~this totally reminds me if kim's style on drop dead diva *super good show~~*

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