Monday, November 29, 2010

Midnight madness experience & Bebe trench coat

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I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving weekend and got a lot of goodies on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Four day weekend flew by quickly. I am still playing catch up with my sleep and everything else. Like I mentioned in this post, we planned to join the midnight madness on Thanksgiving night. We sure did! After stuffing ourselves with turkey and crab legs, we headed out at 11:00 pm. The outlet is an hour and half away. It was snowing and raining that night too. We finally got there around 1:00AM and it was jam-packed like a Saturday afternoon. We got home around 6:00 in the morning and I was dead tired. My only intention for going to the outlet was to get my Colehaan boots I had on hold. I did bring those babies home but oh boy, it was quite an experience. I will have to show them off in another post.Would I do it again? Sure! Would I do it every year? I do not think so. I slept for 14 hours the next day. I must give credit to my husband for driving me and my siblings to the outlet (while everyone slept in the back seats), standing at the checkout lines while I shopped, going through racks to find my sizes and getting us home safe and sound. I know I am crazy but thank you for being crazy with me! Continue reading...

Sorry for lacking of outfit posts lately. It is still dark when I left for work every morning and the sun is just starting to go down when I got home from work. These photos are taken last weekend when the weather was somewhat decent and mild enough to wear a trench. I was on the hunt for a perfect trench coat forever. I have tried on several trenches but nothing really standed out until I saw this cute little trench coat at Bebe a few months ago.

This is truly a classic trench coat that I was looking for. The waist has pockets in the hip that are slashed in for the classic look. There are 2 rows of four buttons fall down in the middle of the trench coat. The beige color would go with everything. The color is very neutral and could be easily dress up or dress down. It is 100% lined and waterproof. A trench coat is a wardrobe staple that is worth the extra money as an investment piece. Although this trench coat doesn't cost a whole lot, it would definitely become my favorite piece in my closet and I would wear it all the time


If you have any good Cyber Monday deal, please feel free to share!



MMMM turkey AND crab legs sound AMAZING! I was up at 4am doing some coat shopping too! I live your long one though! I got a peacoat and a bomber jacket, all under $80!

Alterations Needed

Congrats on finding your perfect trench! It looks great! OMG, you are so brave to go out at midnight to the outlets! That must've been crazy!


I LOVE midnight madness at the outlets but I'm never in massachusetts anymore during Thanksgiving : ( Great find on this's a good length on you. Can't wait to see the cole haan boots!


It sounds like you have a real winner with your hubby! What a sweetheart!

Love the trench - it looks absolutely perfect on you!

The Little Dust Princess

Aw your husband is so kind. : ) The trench looks amazing on you! Great colour, style, and length. : )

xx The Little Dust Princess


This trench looks really great on you. Your shopping experience sounds crazy, not sure I could handle it ;)


You look so tall in these pictures. Looks like you grew a few inches over Thanksgiving. Haha. Oh I love this trench on you. Like you said, it's classic looking and it fits perfectly on you. Can't wait to see your new Cole Haan boots!
Your hubby is really nice to be your driver, shopper, and personal line holder! You know what's nicer? The way you appreciate him. I give you thumbs up for being such a thankful wife.


Oh yummy turkey and crab legs! I really like the modern look of the trench coat, how the buttons are located at the torso and not at the chest area. Really a unique find with an exquisite fit for you!

San Jose Love

I think this is a really good length on you because you look really tall in these pictures for some reason. =) I was impressed.


wow, you found this trench at the outlet?! it's perfect on you and it's really a great classic piece to have in your wardrobe. i still am on the hunt for my perfect trenchcoat. our little outlet here in Dallas is missing bebe. maybe i can convince my dad to drive me out to the outlet when i'm in California. :)


omg you look so tall and slender. the trench looks great on you and it's also a good length too. i never knew about cyber monday until i started blogging (this year)...unless this is something that is relatively new.

The Girlie Blog

Nice trench! Your hair is also looking lovely! I know what you mean about sleep - can't ever get enough. I didn't do any shopping this time :O( Got a crying baby at home.


I don't think I've heard of Midnight Madness before, definitely haven't tried it! I work 24-hr (used to be 30-hr) shifts all the time so I know how you feel... usually sleep for 16 hrs when I come home and still feel zombied out the following work day. Honestly, I think I value my sleep and well-being more than shopping for deals, especially since there are good ones at reasonable hours (and online) too!

Agree with everyone that you look so tall in the pics! The trench looks like it's made of a thicker material... how's the warmth?


Love your trench, it's one of those timeless pieces that will surely get a ton of wear.

Can't wait to see your BF haul in future posts, sounds like fun though and I would've participated more if I felt better. I love people watching. :)

Really Petite

This trench is lovely on you! Perfect in everyway!! Good job!!!

My Republic of Fashion

That is such a pretty trench coat! :)SarahD


I LOVE this trench on you. The flaring from the hips outwards is too cute. It could double as a dress and a jacket - doesn't get better than that!

Looking forward to your Cole Haan boots post. I've been checking them out but have no idea about sizing, comfort, etc.

Kudos to your husband for being a trooper. It sounded like quite an adventure!


Oooh, that trench is PERFECT on you and love the shoes too! I agree with Ping, you look very tall in it! I'm excited to see your Cole Haan boots - are they as comfy as everyone says?


You've changed up your blog... :) It's cute.

Thanks for your comment! I love your trench. Esp. where it hits you on your legs.

S + Y

You rock that trench, girl!



the trench coat looks nice! i like that it's just the right length on you to show off your legs

<3 angie

Lydia Marie

I love the trench! I've been wanting one too, I just don't live in the right climate I don't think.


@Eugenia I am glad you were able to find some deals

@Alterations Needed Thanks Kelly. It was crazy but those Colehaan boots are worth it :)

@PetiteAsianGirl How come? Because the outlets are not as good?

@Vicky Thank you for your kind words. It took me the longest time to learn not to take things for granted.

@kileen Kileen, I got this trench coat at the regular Bebe store last month. I wish the outlet where I live has Bebe.

@The Girlie Blog Aww, it's hard to have a little one at home. Thank goodness for grandparents :)

@PetiteXXS If I have to work 24 hr, I would value my sleep too. That's crazy! Did you get anything during Black Friday online?

@Cee @SewPetiteGal They're true to size. is having major sale right now if you'd like to check it out. They are super comfy


@Erin @The Little Dust Princess @curls-and-pearls @Banhannas @San Jose Love @Ping @Elle @Really Petite @My Republic of Fashion @gangsterpixiestyle @S Y @Angie @Lydia Marie Thanks ladies!


I've never done a midnight madness at the outlets, but it sounds like I'm going to have to put it on my "must do" list for sure!


Such a classic trench coat. I love the big black buttons.


I love your trench and it fits you so perfectly! I'm still on the hunt to find mine. =) Kudos for putting up with the "midnight madness," I don't think I could take it!


WOW... your Black Friday sounded insane! I've never gone out during the madness. I itch to shop that day but the crowds and the wait in line just kills it for me. I'm very impatient. I can't wait to see your shoes in your next post. They must have been an amazing deal. {*AHH!} How exciting.

Very sweet of your husband and siblings to keep you company. My BF and brother would probably go NUTS. I'd have to bribe them.

This trench looks great! Not too short and not too long.

<3s Serena.

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali

That's a fabulous trench coat and you look adorable!!!
Just stumbled across your blog and loved it and following you.
Do drop by mine sometime and follow if you like!!! :)
Fashion Panache


your trench coat looks absolutely fabulous on you! and i can just imagine going to those midnight madness sale, you must have had a fashion haul!


The trench coat looks beautiful on you! I didn't want to put up with the crowds on Black Friday, so I just did all my shopping online haha

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