Thursday, December 2, 2010

Petite Fashion Challenge # 4: Holiday Party

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I can't believe we're up to the Petite Fashion Challenge # 4 already. I am wondering how far the PFC will go? The Petite Fashion Challenge # 4 is hosted this month by a Canadian fashion blogger - Elaine @ Curls-and-Pearls. I was so behind in this challenge (as usual) but finally was able to pulled it off.

The challenge: Create a holiday party look using festive colours and/or holiday pieces without looking like a greeting card.  This could be your opportunity to dust off that reindeer sweater you might have collecting dust in the back of your closet and turn it into something chic.

I am all about finding new places to shop and trying out new brands. It’s hard to find the perfect formal dress to begin with. Being petite makes it twice as hard. I have no choice but keep going back to the same retailers for my everyday clothes. I was wandering around the junior department at JCP the other day while waiting for my Mom and this dress caught my attention. I looked through the rack quickly and realized this dress is available in size 1. I thought it would be perfect for the upcoming holiday. Continue reading...

I love red but rarely wear it. I guess I am afraid to wear red because I wouldn’t want to draw attention to myself. I think this dress would be a perfect addition to my holiday wardrobe since it is not just a little black dress. The lace print makes it more festive and adds a nice touch to the dress. I realized that I am not very creative with this challenge. As much as I love Christmas and holidays, this cold weather freezes my holiday spirit.  

The dress made by Speechless. I am pretty sure this brand can be found in many places such as Macy's, Amazon... Original price was $50.00. After 40% discount, it comes to $29.99. I do not spend a lot of money on formal attire that is going to be worn once or twice before it’s shoved to the back of my closet. I only invest in my everyday items. This dress is very affordable. The most important thing is it fits well.

As is our tradition, we decorated for Christmas the morning after Thanksgiving. The Christmas tree is up, the stockings are hung and the outdoor lights are lit. Perfect background for the holiday post :) I hope you guys all enjoy this challenge and thanks Elaine for hosting it. Please stop by her blog to check out other fabulous entries.


The Little Dust Princess

The dress is so pretty! I love the pattern on look amazing! : ) I love the earrings as well! It looks so mature, I can't believe you found it in the juniors department.

Btw, I just noticed that there's a logo beside your URL in my address bar. How did you add that??

xx The Little Dust Princess


So sexy! Black and white definitely will work for the holidays. And I don't think you need to be wearing red to draw attention to yourself!


*whistles* are you wearing your TLBC? ; )

I've been trying to stay away from the kids department...but I still have a small soft spot for the juniors department! Great find on this little dress. You shouldn't be afraid to wear red...I think a small bit of it would make this outfit really pop!


I agree with The Little Dust Princess. The dress DOES NOT look like something from the juniors section!! Great outfit :)


Love the dress... I am definitely heading over to Amazon to see if I can find the same one!! I think you can definitely wear red though - you always look so put together, so any attention you get would be positive! :)


Love the dress, and your 3 stockings in the background. :) Really size 1? Were you in petite or junior part of JCP?
You look so beautiful with your hair up.


Cute dress and good price too! I never think to stop by stores like JCP but this reminds me that there are gems to be found :)

Alterations Needed

Great dress! Totally agree with the other does not look like a juniors dress at all! Excellent find!


Oh how I wish I have the same spending mentality as you. I tend to overspend on dressy clothes because in my mind they're supposed to be "nicer", so should cost more. I need to learn to invest in nicer everyday items instead :P

I think this dress is quite festive. The sheen on the dress makes up for any lack of colors. And you can't go wrong with black and white, they're the most elegant combination. You look great!


This looks perfect on you! Like all the other comments before me, it definitely does not look like a junior dress at all! Wonderful outfit!


Love the lace dress, it's so versatile and can be probably appropriate for a lot of occasions. I love the dangle-y earrings!


This dress looks great on you and you shouldn't be afraid to wear red because you deserve the attention! =) Great find at the junior's section!


Great find! I LOVE the shape of the dress... how it's pleated/tulip shaped but not overstated. And you also look great with your hair up!


Very fetching! I hear you on the cold weather...I seem to only wear sweaters and tall boots in the winter. I'm also with you on not spending an arm and a leg on items that will only be worn once or twice. Your dress is definitely a great find that can survive past the holidays. :)

btw, the new layout is great.


wow, great JCP find!! i never go into that store anymore since I never have any luck finding anything stylish or in my size, but this one is a definite keeper!! i like the lacy print and it's perfect for the holiday party!

It is an awesome dress. You look HOT and you have a great legs btw!!

Mix and Match

Chic, sexy, gorgeous! Can't believe it's from junior department.


ahh, you make me want to break my new year's resolution of not buying department store juniors dresses because I always get such kiddish styles. What a great find! You look so elegant and it fits really well. It totally does not look junior-like. Maybe I should hire you to shop for me! hehe

20 York Street

Awww, hotta hotta YOU! I love this dress on you, it looks great and fits fantastically! The fact that it is only 29.99 is crazy awesom babe!

So, we're all looovin' Christmas here, yes?


Sisters Sincere

Awww so pretty and what a great deal on your dress! I love that you took pics in front of your fire place with your Christmas decorations: Christmas Card 2010 anyone???

Really Petite

You look STUNNING !!!! Love this dress and fit on you!!!! :)


Sydney, What a beautiful dress and the fit is perfect! I love the black and white (I know you do too ;) And I also love the belt detail. I never would have guessed you bought this dress in the Jrs department, the fabric looks really nice. Such a great job!!


I haven't shopped for clothes in department stores in forever, but I guess there are gems to be found there too! The dress looks amazing on you, the cut is sexy but print makes it classy as well. I never used to even look at low-cut dresses but ever since I found TLBC, I can actually wear some of them now! :P


Nice find! It is perfect on you! What a great neckline! Lace is another item I want to get my hands on!


I love the delicate pleating on the skirt. Now I find myself wanting to make a dress exactly like this. This is lovely, and I love the print of the fabric.


That is such a beautiful dress! I found your blog thanks to my sister (she is always on the lookout for petite fashion blogs for me b/c I am so little) and am now a follower. I look forward to your future posts. Have a great day!
Heard It From The Hills

Tiffany - I am Style-ish

you look fantastic! love the dress on you! perfect holiday look.

Lydia Marie

That dress was such a great find! I really like that kind of 'festive', red isn't really my color either.

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