Sunday, December 5, 2010

An early Christmas gift for ourselves

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I have been wanting a DSLR camera forever. For the past 6 months of blogging, I use 2 cameras: the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX5 which I purchased last Christmas and the Nikon D70 borrowed from my Dad. Thanks Dad! Although, the Nikon D70 does a pretty decent job but it's getting out dated. My Dad bought it five years ago when my daughter first born to capture the moments of his first grandchild. I used it for quite some time and really enjoyed it. Hubby and I was talking about getting our own DSLR camera few weeks ago. At last, we pulled the trigger and brought home this baby with us. Buy this camera [here]. Continue reading...

Photo credit via B&H

The Nikon D90 beautifully combines the best of digital technology with quick and efficient camera handling. Compared to the Nikon D70, it has a larger LCD display and also the live view along with the new face detection system. I played with it over the weekend and it really blew me away. The DX 18-105mm lens came with the camera. We also bought the Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G lens for outdoor pictures. With everything, the total came to $1300.00. Money well spent though! We are going to make this as an early Christmas gift for ourselves. I have been told to put only "gift from the heart" on my Christmas wish list this year. Below are new pieces of jewelry that are available for sale. From now until Christmas, all jewelry are $10.00. Please stop by PLG's closet and check them out.

These photos are taken by me with the new camera


The Little Dust Princess

Wow, the quality is amazing! What a great investment. I love the photos and I really like the last necklace!

xx The Little Dust Princess


WOW!!! great photos!!

so you dont edit the background in the photos? i know DSLRS focus on an item and blur the background.. but it is amazing! do you edit it to make it extra blurry, or do they just come out that way?


Wow - great buy! I need a new camera badly :(


i thought i left a comment...
the camera quality looks amazing!! i need a good camera too. so expensive, but i can see it is worth investment.

Tanisa O Rossi

What an amazing camera! I want one! lol :)


@The Little Dust Princess Thanks Jess! The quality of those photos really blew me away.

@siwing I didn't edit those photos at all. I set the focus on the jewelry and blur the background. The blurriness can be controlled by setting various apertures.

@Ping It is pricey for sure but definitely worth investment if you're looking for a professional camera and interested in photography.


I'd really like to get a new camera too. Debating between a DSLR and a compact interchangeable lens camera...


amazing photos!! looks like you definitely invested in a great camera and lens!


the blur. it's the blurrrr!!! i'm sooo jealous :) congrats and can't wait to see the pictures! i'll get one when i get a real job .. 10 years from now


Terrific photos, I have been wanting to upgrade too but can't see myself paying that much for a camera that I only use to take outfit pictures. :) My D40 works fine for my purposes but I am so jealous!


Every time I see photos where the foreground object is so crisp and clear and the background sort of blurs, it makes me want to buy my own DSLR! The depth perception is just amazing on these cameras. You really captured them in these photos. So pretty!


Congrats! Great investment for bloggers. :)


Wow those jewelry shots are amazing! Look at how the second one sparkles. Can't wait to see your outfit photos with the new cam!

Taylor Sterling

WOW great new present! I love my slr too!

20 York Street

Oh my, did you see how it captures the shine of the bling?! WOW!

Perhaps I should put SLR on my Santa list too!


Really Petite

Good for you!! I am afraid of SLR because it doesn't self focus right? LOL I need something I can point and shoot- no patience to learn that stuff but the quality is AMAZING!!!!


The quality of your photos is amazing; a SLR is definitely an investment. I don't know anything about photography, so an SLR would be wasted on me I think haha


Great photos! You will get a ton of use out of it for sure.


congratulations on your new dslr! i've had mine for almost 4 years now and i love it to death.


Gorgeous photos! Can't wait to see your new outfit posts with this. Also will come in handy for capturing pics of the little one :)

Fruity Lashes

what a lovely new camera. it takes stunning pictures.

btw check out my blog and holiday giveaway


Lucky girl to get that new camera! It takes great shots!

Tiffany - I am Style-ish

I'm glad you guys got a new camera to play with! Photography is such a fun hobby and I encourage everyone to get out there and shoot some more!

Remember, it's not the camera that takes great shots, it's the photographer :) So good job to you!


Those pics are great! We just splurged on a DSLR too, but I just haven't had time to play with it yet. My Dad has a D90 too... it has great reviews, but we decided to go with a smaller and lighter camera instead. Hopefully my pics will turn out as nice as yours :)

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