Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Seven confessions (..because I got tagged twice)

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I got tagged twice by Nelah @ 52 new days and Hanna @ Banhannas to do my seven confessions soooo no more excuses for me. Are you ready?

1. I do not eat vegetables or fruits. I only like mushrooms and green beans. I started to eat lettuce recently but it is definitely not my favorite thing to eat. My Mom told me I was so skinny when I was a child. She only fed me with meat to help me gain weight.  I grew up without veggies and that’s why I don’t like them. The smell of banana makes me gag.

2. I have been sleeping with the same body pillow for 10 years. My grand-mother made me one 10 years ago and I kept it since. Hubby told me one of these days, dust mites will be crawling out of my pillow at night. He even bought me a new pillow but I refused to replace my old one.

3. This confession is similar to Kelly’s. When I crave for something, I’ll eat one food until I am sick of it. My current food craving? Chipotle :)

4. I am a sucker for sale. I kicked myself many times when I come home with a pair of black pumps (when I already had 10 pairs at home) instead of a pair of nude pumps (the ones that I really need). Well, because the black ones are on sale!

5. I considered myself as an easy going person. Most of the time, people’s behavior do not bother me except judgmental people. They bother the crap out of me. It doesn’t make he/she a bad person if they don’t do things your way. Everyone is created differently. That’s what makes people unique and life interesting. Please don’t judge people unless you think you’re perfect!

6. My feet are ice cold all the time and that’s why I wear socks all year around (yes, even in the summer). I feel naked without socks

7. I am a Starbucks addict. My drink changes throughout the year. In the summer/spring, it is the Javachip Frap. In the Fall, it is the pumpkin spice latte. In the Winter, it is the peppermint mocha. I never calculated how much money I spent on Starbucks each month ‘cuz I know I would freak out. Cutting back on Starbucks is one of my new year's resolutions. Until then, I enjoy my Peppermint mocha every morning. If you have a Starbucks's gift card and you don’t use it, you’ll know where to send it to :)

I am not going to tag anyone but please feel free to share your confessions



yay this was fun to read :) i think the seven confessions tag has been the most successful so far


Lol, you and I have a lot in common (I too suffer from having cold feet and hands and I wear socks all the time when I can). Lol, if you have too many pairs of black pumps you can always put them up for sale on your blog store. I recall us being similar in size for shoes. hehe, I had an ulterior motive.


by far, the most fascinating fact is the first one. Just curious - So do you have to take any kind of supplements for not eating vegetables and fruits? what about smoothies? do you like those? or V-8? I also assume that you didn't feed your daughter crushed bananas as an infant? I'm almost the opposite. I have to force myself to eat meat. In my chipotle bowl, I always have extra chicken left over, and I always ask for extra lettuce.

TMI Alert: btw, yesterday, my roommates told me that chipotle gives people bad poo, so that's why ppl call it "sh!t-potle." Have you heard of that? I hadn't. I do fine after eating it. hahahahah.


I love Starbucks too, though my standard drinks are either a tall, non-fat cafe misto (basically steamed milk and drip coffee) or a tall, non-fat latte.


yay for confessions! i actually sleep on the same pillow i've had since i was a little kid. it's not in great shape either but it's the perfect height and softness, so i refuse to get rid of it. my bf says the same thing about the dust mites...

and i LOVE chipotle. i used to eat it 2-3 times a week several years ago! don't ever look up the nutritional info for chipotle. it will scare the bejeezus out of you! :)


The most surprising fact to me is #1. You are skinny (and in a good shape), I had no clue you don't eat fruit or veggies. I love fruit and veggies but not big on the meat department except for seafood.

I love body pillow too. I was so excited when I saw one at Hong Kong market when I moved here. I can't have a good night sleep without one.

The Little Dust Princess

Oh wow! I read someone else's confessions that they didn't like veggies as well. I LOVE VEGGIES! Can't live without them!!

Hmm, I wonder if the body pillow thing is an "Asian" thing because a lot of my family (myself included) and my Asian friends have been using the same body pillow for ages as well. LOL

xx The Little Dust Princess


Funny!....btw, from another Starbucks addict, you've got to try the caramal brulee latte!! So fine.


Chipotle is the best. I can't believe I only discovered it a few years ago when it's been around forever. Definitely something I'll never get tired of. I can't imagine not eating fruits/veggies! My mom is a health nut so she made sure that I ate plenty even though I was (and still am) skinny as a stick haha. Have you ever drank V8 Fusion? It doesn't taste like typical V8 drinks, so it's actually pretty good! And it's 100% fruits/veggies. I think that'd be a good alternative to eating them.


@Elle You have cold feet/hands too? I can't sleep with my bare feet. I wear 6.5 in shoes. I am sure your shoe collection is way bigger than mine.

@AubreyOhDang! I do take vitamin B5 as supplements but not sure if it's gonna help or not. My skin is dry all the time and I am sure it has something to do with not eating veggies. The thing about Chipotle is so funny. I have Chipotle at least 2 times a week and I am fine :)

@Nelah People thought the only thing I eat is veggies since I am so petite :) I've been to Hong Kong market and I love it.

@The Little Dust Princess Good for you, Jessy! Veggies is really good for your nutrition. I wish I could enjoy eating varieties.

@Callandra Oh, I have to try that. I've seen it on the menu but haven't try. Sounds delicious!

Petite Chic[k]

These are so interesting! I love fruits and veggies (mostly fruit, though) and the only meat I consistently like is shrimp. People always comment on how cold my feet look since they are pretty sensitive to the weather so if it's cold outside and I'm wearing flip-flops, they turn purple! I love Starbucks too (either the skinny flavored lattes or the lite frappuccinos since I can't handle all that dairy in the whipped cream!) and Chipotle, but I usually stick with the chicken or go all veggie.


Oh yay, I'm glad you did the confessions too! I love learning more about everyone :) I'm a sucker for a sale too - so hard to resist!!


Omg agree with Aubrey, fact #1 is by far the most interesting. You don't even like fruit? lol but it's so tasty! What about yummy Asian fruit like longan?

Oh, and the smell of bananas also make me gag. Ugh...the boyfriend LOVES them too.

Alterations Needed

My favorite Starbucks drink in the summer/spring is the javachip frap too! So yummy! My winter drink is Chai Latte. Interesting about the veggies. I'm not a big fan either, but make myself eat them every now and then. Thanks for sharing your confessions! =)

Really Petite

I so enjoyed reading this! You are so funny:) No fruit? OMG! I would prefer that over anything! LOL

And guess what? My feet and hands are always cold! Thanks for sharing your confessions!


Hi Sydney. Thank you for sharing. It was fun reading this post. I am the opposite for fruits and vegetables. I can't live without them, even as a kid I preferred fruit over meat. :) On #4, I am as guilty as you, although I am getting better and better over the years. SO don't give up hope. On #5, I laughed when I read that. Don't fret over the judgemental people either, please, because they are built that way, and they can't help it. They are annoying, but that's what makes this world more interesting. :) (AND, they are usually men. And we learned that we should never fret over men, didn't we? hehe)


Wow I am so surprised by #1! I love fruit and veggies but love meat and bread too. I hate bananas too!! Also I second that you need to try the caramel brulee is amazing.


Lol about the black pumps!

That is too cute that you still have your pillow!! :)

I can't believe how limited your vegetable intake is!! Wow! Bananas are tricky...I sometimes gag at the smell, too. I prefer them blended in my morning smoothie, but if I am running late (so much this last week or too), I grab a banana to eat on the car ride to work. Blah!

20 York Street

Wait, I do think I have a starbucks card I don't use! Perhaps I should check the balance first!

Me too, sucker for sales right here! Hmnn.. how about I form a Sucker for Sales Anonymous?



I am glad that majority of you are veggie lovers. I also tried the SB Caramel Latte this morning and didn't like it as much. It's too sweet for me. Thanks ladies for your kind comments. I am glad that you enjoyed this post and learned a bit about me

Kaleido Mind

i'm the same way about socks (#6)!!!


I do the same thing exactly when it comes to food obsessions!

la petite fashionista

currently craving chipotle-- me too! the first one near us just opened & we're venturing hte crowds this afternoon; can't wait!


WHAT you don't eat fruit?!? LOL I guess I don't eat a lot but I think it's because I'm too lazy to wash and/or peel it. But I LOVE fruit salad, it's all cut up and ready to go! Thanks for sharing :)


I don't love ALL fruits and veggies but I do like to eat a lot of them :P I used to sleep with a body pillow too... but now hubby is my body pillow lol. And I can definitely relate to your #4... I can never resist a good sale!


I've had the same pillow since I was a kid. It's in terrible shape & I have 2 sew it all the time. My boyfriend (his family 2!) gives me the hardest time about all the bugs that might be on it. I just don't care. I can never find another pillow as amazing.

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