Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcoming 2011

Today, I have reached 300 followers. I know this isn’t a huge # compared to some other blogs but I am still beyond excited. I just want to thank each and every one of you for following my blog (especially the petite blogger community). You’re the reason why I still blog. 2010 was quite a year for us. We’ve had many ups and downs, pleasant and unpleasant moments. That how life is. We just have to deal with things as they come and try to make the best of out of it. The most important thing is no matter what happens, I know we always have each other's back. We’re welcoming 2011 with open arms.

I was tagged by Elaine to do my New Year’s resolutions. So here goes...

1. Saving, saving and more saving: 2010 was all about spending so 2011 is all about saving. Unfortunately, there were quite a few unexpected things came up in 2010 that we had to spend the money for. I am glad it’s over and it’s time to put the $$ back into the savings. Continue reading...

2. Shopping habit: I am not banning myself from buying anything but I will ask myself twice before purchasing something. I have been doing it for the past few weeks and believe me, it helps tremendously. I wouldn’t buy another sweater just for the sake of buying it even if it only cost $5.00 bucks. I want to invest money in the pieces that I truly love. The ones that I will be able to wear for many years to come.

3. Restart the exercise habit: We actually are doing it now. My husband and I joined the gym last week. Neither one of us need to lose weight. I am looking to trim/tone my body and building the muscles especially the abs area. The hardest part is making ourselves going to the gym every day.

4. Spend more quality time with my loved ones: I hate to admit but I have been attached to the computer and my Iphone more than my family since I started blogging. I have a habit of multi-tasking. Most of the time, I spend time with my family but work on my blog or surf the Internet. I need to start paying undivided attention to them, really listen and be there in that moment. Because those are the moments I will never get back.

5. Cutting back on Starbucks: For some people, this isn't a big deal. For someone who is having SB every single day for the past 5 years, it's a huge deal. I feel like I am trying to quit smoking :) On average, I spend about $120.00 a month on SB alone. That's not good for my resolution # 1 (saving) nor resolution # 3 (too many calories).

There you have it..my New Year's resolutions. What are yours? Can't have a post without a picture, right? Hubby stuffed a few OPI nail polishes in my stocking this year. They are so pretty. I haven't worn them yet but I will share in the future posts.

From left to right:
1. OPI Malaysian Mist (buy it here)
2. OPI Nail Lacquer Malaga Wine (buy it here)
3. OPI Suzi Sells Sushi By The Seashore (buy it here)
4. OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue (buy it here)

As always, stay positive, be happy, let unimportant things go and concentrate on what matters most to you because life is short, make the most of out it. May the New Year bring you joy, happiness and all you wish yourself.

I am going to tag the following bloggers to write about their New Year's resolutions. Please don't feel obligated to do so

1. Nelah @ 52NewDays
2. Jean @ ExtraPetite
3. Liane @ PetiteXXS
4. Kelly @ AlterationsNeeded
5. Annie @ ReallyPetite

Happy New Year to all,


Jess said...

so close to 300! congrats! great resolutions :)

lul said...

300 hundred followers! You lucky you! I like your resolutions, quitting smoking is a tough one. Think I'll quit in about 5 years from now, I can still ruin my lungs for a little while haha.
Big kiss to ya!

AubreyOhDang! said...

Malaga wine is one of my fave colors.

Angie | Pandaphilia.com said...

yay these are good resolutions. good luck and happy new years!

<3 Pandaphilia

C said...

300 is quite an accomplishment. Congrats!

Besides Starbucks, the other 4 could have been written by me :) I can really feel the weight gain in the stomach area and can't believe I used to take a flat stomach for granted! When you find exercises/diets that work for you, would you please share? It'll definitely help motivate me too.

SewPetiteGal said...

Great resolutions! I want to do something similar to #2 - I'm not planning a ban per se but I do want to only spend money on things that I REALLY want, not just things that are a little cute. Have a great date night!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting 300 followers now :D Great resolutions - saving money is on mine as well. I really hope you stick with the Starbucks resolution! That's a lot of money. Good luck and happy holidays, Sydney! :D

Ping said...

congrats on the 300 followers! i need to spend less money on clothes and junk. my motto is everything in moderation. you gotta have at least once vice...so don't cut back on too much! :P

m0chiii said...

congrats on 300 !! =D hehe

hmm my new years resolutions are pretty much the same as yours.. except i dont have a SB probelm =P

curls-and-pearls said...

Congrats on 300 that's a HUGE deal! Way to go!!

I love your resolutions - and yes, coffee certainly does add up! If you cut that habit alone you will save a lot of $.

I hope you had a great date night :)

Unknown said...

YAY! Congrats on reaching 300 followers!!! I am SOOO HAPPY for you!!! That is a great accomplishment!!!!

I love #2 and can totally relate!! Hehehehe

Thanks for sharing!!!! :)

Vicky said...

Hi Sydney, congratulations on 300 followers, what a great achievement!
I love your resolutions. I could take yours minus the SB coffee one and call it mine. Hehe.
Love the OPI nail colors!

Stylepint said...

YAY! Congratulations on your 300 followers! I love reading you blog and I can see why it's so popular! Great resolutions, I need to think of my own as well. Have a Happy New Year! =)

Nelah said...

Hi Sydney: it's like you read my mind. Your goals # 1- 4 are exactly what I plan on doing next year especialy #4. Couldn't agree anymore how technologically wired we have become with all the social networking and high tech toys around us. And congrats on your 300 followers, yay :D

iamstyleish said...

Happy New Year Sydney!! I think you have some great resolutions and I'm sure you'll keep to them!

Can't wait to see the dress on you!

Jean said...

Hi Sydney, congrats on the blog milestone and I enjoyed reading your resolutions! Maybe add eating fruits and veggies to your list? Lol! ; )

Saving money and cutting back on shopping are always big ones. During the holidays I feel like I've spent freely on gifts for loved one and on shopping for myself...and it will feel really good to tighten the reins again and get back into the routine of savings. With blogging it's so enticing to buy during all the sales and deals (you did good during the J.crew one though!! Don't cave!) and most of the stuff is frivolous and unnecessary. Best of luck on meeting these resolutions and I wish your family a happy and healthy new year : )

Oh and thanks for the tag! I'm not sure if I'll get to posting about it but my resolutions are very similar to yours, minus the starbucks, and adding on completing my certification. Unfortunately completing my certification will mean stop blogging for half a year! Oh the decisions...

Cheryl said...

Congrats on 300! I just found your blog and I really love it so far!

Christina said...

I am with you on #1 and #3! I've already curbed my shopping habit months ago, so I'm already ahead of the game, lol. I have a similar addiction in terms of caffeine boost, except it involves milk tea.

Lastly, congratulations on having 300 followers! It is not an easy feat, but I can assure you that this year you will see a much bigger increase - I can already see the list growing! I love nail polish reviews and swatches, so I look forward to those. :] Happy New Year!

PetiteXXS said...

Congrats again on reaching the milestone! And thanks for tagging me but I feel like my resolutions are so similar to yours that it'd be boring to repeat... except no Starbucks problem for me but I do need to study more since I've been slacking off and having too much blogging fun during the last year :)