Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fitting Room Review: H&M new arrivals

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I popped in H&M a couple of days ago to check out some of their new arrivals for Spring. Coral, orange and peach are definitely the top colors for Spring 2011. I ended up didn’t get anything but here are a few items that I brought with me to the fitting room if you’re interested.


Liane of PetiteXXS first tweeted about this jacket. The material is quite similar to the one from the last season (Jean reviewed the jacket here). I missed out on the last one so I was excited to see this jacket in person. It’s a super cute jacket. The fit is incredibly small. I was having a hard time button up a size 2. I have nothing bad to say about this jacket. I didn’t get it (for now) because I really don’t need another jacket. It is available in 4 colors: black, heather gray, navy blue and peachy. Click here for the tag info if you need it. Thanks DoubleZeroP! I am wearing a size 2 in the blue one and a size 4 in the other color. The material is really soft and comfy to wear. It’s just simply adorable. I know this jacket will get some loves from the petite community. Retail price: $34.50. Continue reading... 
Up next is this ruffles top. I think it’s a little too much ruffles for me. I adore the royal blue color. I am wearing a size 2 in both colors. It would be cute to pair the blue one with a pair of white skinnies for Spring. Retail price: $34.50


The last thing I tried on was this skirt. I am a pencil kind of girl but I am getting tired of wearing them every day. I am looking for a change. This skirt fits great and the print is lovely. I don’t think the tulip style is flattering on me at all. The material is also very stiff. I know I would have a hard time styling this skirt. Retail price: $34.50
Some of you might have heard that H&M has decided to have online shopping in the US at the turn of the year 2011/2012. That is great news! Although, there are 2 H&Ms near by, I still love the idea of online shopping. Hubby is buried in work so he is going to spend all day today at work :( Before he left, he told me to go shopping and have some fun. LOL. I am probably going to hit the outlet today with my family. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Curls and Pearls

Wow, that coat looks great! I'm actually really loving the navy one - I love navy for Spring! I agree about the top - too many ruffles and I actually really like the skirt! I think it might be to "young" for me :P


Happy shopping, Sydney! Your hubby is truly a sweetheart.
The jacket looks very nice on you. I love the navy one. It might be even too small for me (a size 2) again. :)
I think the skirt looks lovely on you. It's quite a unique pattern and design. Love it.
Have a great weekend, Sydney!


Have a great time Sydney - I'm so jealous! Didn't know that about the H&M stores, but I'm so glad to hear it!!

I am Khatu

I was there yesterday, but did not see that skirt! Did you get?

Really Petite

Cute items!!! I like all the items especially the coats but no need for any more coats for me..LOL I got my J.Crew one on the way :)


That coat is great!! And no sleeve rollin'! Perfect!

I really love that skirt on you! I think the birds are so cute! What I would be nervous about is maintenance since you said it is stiff, and there are pleats in it.

Thanks for the reviews! :)


That jacket is pretty cute! I was in H&M today and yesterday, and they have some really nice things for Spring. It's great that they're introducing online shopping for the US too. Their UK online store opened a few months ago, but for some reason they don't carry nearly as many items online as they do instore... I hope that changes.


H&M is going online...finally! Great review, the skirt is kind of my fave out of the things you tried but I can see how it might be difficult to style. =)


Everything is really cute - I really love the navy coat and the print skirt! I'm a big fan of ruffles, but I agree - the ruffles on that particular top are a bit overwhelming, especially on a petite frame like yours.


Great reviews! The skirt is my favorite. The print is so cute, very a la Miu Miu. I also adore that shade of blue, but the ruffles do seem like a bit much. Have a fun day shopping, Sydney!


What cute pieces you chose to review on! I love the 1st coat the most, and I'm glad you mentioned about HM starting an online store. I'll be anticipating that! since the HM store near me is too far, and when I do trudge there, there's nothing I like available. Hopefully their online store will stock the good stuff :)

DSK Steph!

It's so good you are teaching your daughter Vietnamese :)

I hope I will be able to do the same one day and teach my future children! I almost feel like they would have to live with Grandma or Grandpa (on either side) to learn!

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali

Love the first coat!!! The blue ruffle top is great!!!
Fashion Panache now Sells!!!


great review!! i'm really loving that navy jacket and the skirt too. i could see how the skirt could be hard to style, but the print is so lovely that i would probably be tempted to buy it anyways. :)

cute and little

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I got that jacket in black. The shoulders part look too puffy when I wear it but on u, it looks perfect.


Oooh my favorite is the navy blue jacket! Is it more of an outerwear type of jacket or a blazer type? I actually think the tulip skirt looks gorgeous on you (I especially love the print - the birds give it such a fun whimsical feel).


So excited that H&M will be online soon! I think that bird print on the skirt is adorable


I was at H&M yesterday lol! I got a blazer and striped sweater. Both of them fit really tiny. So excited for online shoppng:) I love the coats! They fit great and look way more expensive than they are! The skirt is really cute too. I agree with you on the tops though, a bit too ruffly for me.


Jean-if you're reading this: just curious-how do you keep this sweatshirt material from fading when washing it, like how sweats normally fade??


@I am Khatu No, I didn't get it. I don't think it is flattering on me.

@SewPetiteGal The one I tried on was more of an outerwear type of jacket. They do have the blazer version made from the same type of material.

@AubreyOhDang! Good question, Aubrey :) I am not sure how to keep the sweatshirt material from fading. This jacket has lining so obviously, I can't throw it in the washer/dryer.


Hmm... so anything with lining can't be thrown in the washer/dryer? That's news to me! I throw everything in lol. I tried that ruffle top on too btw... waaaay too much going on and I felt like it was eating me alive! I actually don't think the tulip skirt is unflattering on you, but I'd have a hard time styling it too.


^^^^yeah, I didn't know that if it has a lining, you shouldn't wash/dry it. Also news to me!


Your coat is super cute!!!! = ))

Erica Wark

Very cute coat, great colour!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

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