Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Petite Fashion Challenge # 5

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Petite Fashion Challenge # 5 is finally here. A special thank to Cynthia of Shorty Stories for hosting this challenge. For the first time, I was done with my post way ahead of the schedule..woot woot! I didn’t have any problems completing this challenge. In general, I don’t wear a lot of black and I don't have a lot of black clothing in my wardrobe. Although, black is a very attractive color when wore in style, it also has the effect of making a person look slimmer and thinner. That's what I try to avoid. I have a lot of solid color pieces, mainly in different shades of gray. Continue reading...


Create a sophisticated work appropriate look that has no more than one dark piece (it can be a skirt, pants, a blazer, sweater etc...) excluding shoes, accessories and hosiery

This blouse is a recent purchase from H&M (right before Christmas). I love it and have been wearing it weekly. It is a feminine alternative to the traditional button-down shirt and still appropriate enough for the office. The ruffles at neckline adds a great feminine. Blouses aren’t new to the fashion world but they are always coming back in style from time to time. I paired this blouse with my LOFT skirt in powder pink to brighten up the outfit. 


What I am wearing:
Blouse: H&M (Click here to buy similar)
Skirt: LOFT Jacquard Skirt in 00P (Click here to buy similar)
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Leather Pump (Click here to buy)
Tights: Gap Opaque Tights (click here to buy)


I hope you guys enjoy this outfit as much as I do. Don’t forget to head over to Shorty Stories's blog to check out the rest of the entries.



The color of that skirt looks fantastic on you! I actually own that skirt in the navy color. Great job!


the Jacquard skirt looks so lovely on you and i love the ruffles of the blouse! very feminine and chic look.

cute and little
come join the Color Brigade!

The Little Dust Princess

You look so classy! I'm loving this outfit on you. Very dark and chic (even though the PFC is to brighten your outfit LOL). Is that a quilted skirt? It's so Chanelish and pretty.

xx The Little Dust Princess


That blouse is from H&M? Wow it's so pretty! I always have trouble with blouses and shirts due to the darting (I'm sure a lot of us petites do ;) ) but that one looks like it could work! I may have to keep my eye out!

Alterations Needed

Black and light pink always look French to me. Very chic!

Lisa - respect the shoes

The pale pink is a fantastic color on you and is a perfect contrast to the black top!


Oh hey...the LOFT jacquard skirt! Haven't seen this on you or Kelly in a while. It looks nice here with the black. Oh and...these photos are gorgeous! You should take more outfit photos indoors!


sigh...this is SO PRETTY. You know I love black paired with pink...you make me want to go play in my closet now. My outfit tomorrow shall consist of something inspired by your outfit! :) This is seriously SO ELEGANT and pretty. You need to wear pink more often. It looks terrific on you.

Sisters Sincere

Your outfit is so sophisticated and while the color combo might normally seem basic, the ruffle of the collar and the pretty quilting on the skirt make it something really special! Sidenote: Can I please have your calves?!?!


Awe.... U look so pretty!!! Love love this outfit!!! And is it just me or does the 1st photo not showing up?


Jess beat me to it, but like she said, it's really Chanel! :) I especially like the ruffles on the top - and I don't normally like ruffles!


@ The Little Dust Princess Thanks Jessy. The skirt is quilt-inspired. Kelly blogged about the same skirt here

@ PetiteAsianGirl Please excuse the Christmas decorations in the background :) I prefer indoor photos too since it's too cold to be outside without the jacket.

@Elle I am glad you like my outfit. I can't wait to see what you come up with for your outfit tomorrow. Pink isn't my favorite color but it's fun wear once in a while.

@Sisters Sincere Thank you so much for your compliment. I guess running 1.5 mile a day does help tonning my calves.

@ReallyPetite Thanks Annie. I am not sure why the 1st photo didn't show up for you. It seems to show up fine for me.

@CynthiaC Thanks Cynthia for hosting this challenge. I had a blast as always. I wish my skirt is really Chanel :) maybe one day


Sydney, you look gorgeous! This is my favorite look of all the entries :) I can't get enough of the feminine blouse with the textured skirt. Love!


Oh I remember that LOFT skirt! Didn't know you have it too though. I never would've thought to pair black and pink together, but you made it work! Btw your first picture isn't showing up for me for some reason.


sydney-- you look lovely! love the soft pink and black together -- what a great color combo. i never buy anything pink because i never know what to wear it with. i will definitely keep this in mind. thanks for the inspiration.


Wow!! The pearls go so well with that skirt!! I remember seeing that skirt, and it was such a pretty sparkly/pearly color. I love the black that you paired with it, matches the waistband!


ooo i love the skirt! very classy outfit :)


Love the skirt! This look is so pretty and feminine. The black opaque tights and black pumps make your legs look so long!


What a great shirt - I love how it's dark but still seems light and airy!


I am a big fan of black and pink combo. You look fantastic. It is a very sophisticated and chic look. I love the H&M blouse a lot. Too bad there is no H&M store close to where I live because I don't like ordering clothes online :(


Such an elegant outfit. Very pretty! :) Kiki


I think it still looks a bit gloomy... sorry! :)


Oh I remember this skirt! I bought the blue one and this pink one and was struggling soooo hard to style it. With all the effort made in this post: http://vickysdailyfashion.blogspot.com/2010/08/my-relentless-effort-to-keep-loft-skirt.html
I finally returned it. Haha.
You definitely wore it much much much better than I did. I love it on you! The black does slim you down. Great job, Sydney!


You look beautiful, simple and chic!


Awesome Blog,as well as a grate tase of style :-)


@Cee Thanks Cee, you're so kind. Your outfit is my favorite too. You did great with the challenge

@PetiteXXS Yup, I got one later in the season. I was looking forward to your entry but I guess you're not participating this time.

@Ping You’re welcome, dear. I am glad you found an inspiration

@Nelah I think H&M opened their first store in Dallas, TX not too long ago. I hope you'll get a chance to check it out.

@Vicky Oh Vicky. Don't be so hard on yourself. You wore the skirt pretty well.

20 York Street

How, oh how do you manage to always (ALWAYS) look soo good?!!

Well-done with the challenge dear!

Stay Happy and Positive!





great look, great skirt and bag, very elegant

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