Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Fun: We went hiking

My husband and I are so different in many ways. He is an outdoor type of person. White water rafting, water ski, snow ski, you name it and he's done it all! I am, in the other hand, not so much of an outdoor person. I rather stay inside watching E! or go shopping =) One of his fantasies is to walk across the Appalachian Trail. No kidding! The trail is only roughly 2180 miles long and passing through 14 states =) We talked about spending a week to walk a portion of the trail one day. I am not sure if we ever have a chance to do experience it. Hopefully, we will one day.

We didn’t get to hike across the Appalachian Trail yet but we did go hiking. It took a bit of effort for me to get up to the top but the view was incredible beautiful and totally worth it. As we walk down the trail, out of nowhere, there were 3 deer coming towards us. I've never seen live animals that close without being in a cage. They were probably 5 feet away from us. Those were special moments when I wish I had a DSLR camera with me. It was so great that we got some excellent exercise for our legs, fantastic views and the great feeling of accomplishment.

What I am wearing:
Shorts: Hollister shorts - size 0 (buy similar here)
Tee: F21 basic tee - size S (buy simlar here)
Hiking boots: Timberland hiking boots (buy similar here)


Stephanie said...

The deer are so cute! They have white spots!

My bf isn't a big outdoors person, but I am! lol I grew up in Michigan and spent a lot of my Summers outdoors walking and rollerblading..he's more of the stay inside and work or watch TV type. lol

Unknown said...

Ahhh great pictures! I love weekends like this, you look so cute! Wow, your hair is getting so long! I don't know why I never noticed before :P

Lei said...

Great photos! Great outdoor experience huh? In my case, it's the other way around, I'm the outdoorsy one. I've dOne camping in the wilderness, mountain climbing, scuba diving etc. Oh i miss doing that! My husband is not much into nature, he's trying though. The only time he joined me was when we both went for a ski trip first time for both of us and he actually enjoyed it and we did it again the following year! ^_^

I love ur hiking boots!

Canadianpetite said...

Looks like your trail is beautiful...and you're outfit looks stylish too. We live across a green belt and never tire of seeing deer, black bears and even pesky raccoons or coyotes too! Before my daughter was born, my husband and I used to do the Grouse Grind -- Mother Nature's 3km stairclimber. To get back down, we take a gondola that offers a gorgeous view of Vancouver. Hmmm telling you this makes me miss it.

Unknown said...

we went hiking too :) it was one of those kid friendly hikes and the little one loved hiking by the river. Those boots are sexy!

Carrie said...

i would love to go hiking one of these days!
it seems really really fun. :}
and very cute outfit!

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Nicky said...

What a great place to hike, you are lucky to see the deer so close, they are very shy, aren't they beautiful?

TaraMixandMatch said...

Fun....I enjoy hiking every once in awhile :)

michelle_ said...

wwhat a fun weekend !
wish that there's a nice hiking track near me..

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Nicky Yes, they are quite beautiful. It was a great experience to see them that close.

AubreyOhDang! said...

wow sydney. you got some serious hiking boots for someone who doesn't hike often. i'm jealous. w/those boots, you're more than ready to hike the appalachian or half dome @yosemite.

I don't love the idea of hiking, but once i do it, I almost always enjoy the experience.

C said...

Glad you had fun enjoying nature's wonders. I'm not much of a hiker but my friends are so I go once in a blue moon.

I actually work in an area where animals roam pretty freely. I park next to a pasture where groups of deer can be found most days... literally a few feet away from me. I'd pull up into a spot, they would all freeze (some with grass hanging down their teeth lol) and wait to see what I would do. If I took a step towards them, they'd all run. Otherwise, if they see I'm harmless and just going about my business, they go back to theirs. It's quite a sight.

Unknown said...

I love hiking yet I do not look as cute as you do in your hiking boots and outfit! LOL :D