Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend Fun: Celebrating my birthday!

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My birthday has never been a big deal to me. I am at a point in my life where a birthday is just a reminder that I'm getting older..LOL. I truly appreciate birthday wishes from fellow bloggers and readers (via this blog, Facebook and Twitter) and also from my friends and family (via text and phone calls). A special thank to my husband who never fails to make me feel so special. Here is the recap of my birthday in photos =)

Came home with balloon and flowers from the husband

Sweet gift from my little girl (priceless!): From left to right: OPI Uh-oh roll down the window (I love this color for Fall), OPI No room for the blues,  Zoya Ginger, Zoya Luna.

My husband works a lot of hours and doesn't have anytime to help me with this blog. However, he always supports me in any way he could. The other day, I told him that it would be hard to take blog photos during Winter. Next thing I know, he brought home the Nikon SB 700 speedlight for me. I didn't have time to play around with it myself, but am looking forward to. Any suggestions/tips are greatly appreciated.

I've been wanting an oversized watch for the longest time. I was debating between the MK5128 and the Marc by Marc Jacobs but haven't pulled the trigger on either one yet. I was so thrilled that my husband got me the Michael Kors 5128 in rose gold for my birthday.

Went out to my favorite sushi place for dinner with my family

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Really Petite

Awe....ur hubby is so sweet! My hubby has no time either so I'm with ya! It's not easy taking outdoor self photos:-)

Looks like u had an amazing bday!!!

I don't have a speed light otherwise I'd help:-) looks cool though!!!


I hope you had a wonderful birthday! :) Happy Happy birthday!


Happy Happy Birthday! So sweet of your husband to get you things that you actually want and the little drawing is the best gift!


You have such a sweet family, you deserve the best coz you're a sweet person yourself!

Oh and I want that Speedlight flash!

Happy birthday again, Sydney!

John B. Marine

Happy [belated(?)] birthday to you, Sydney! You're one of the loveliest petites in all of blogging. Your sense of style is wonderful. Keep up the great work!

lovely pettit_mom

Happy Birthday....


Happy bday :) Love the Michael Kors watch and your gift from your little girl is too cute!

easy petite looks

Happy birthday!! I love the pic from your girl, thats so sweet! Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

The Little Dust Princess

Your hubby is so sweet! I love your daughter's gift to you. She's so adorable. : )

P.S. this is random, but my bikini top is the EXACT same pattern as the birthday balloon you got. LOL


Awww, I'm so glad your family planned such a special birthday for you Sydney! Can't wait to see your new goodies work their way into future posts!

Alterations Needed

Aww! Hope you had a wonderful birthday, although it looks like you did! Beautiful watch!

As for the speedlight, I don't have one, but I do know the light can be harsh on skintones, which isn't good for ladies who want to look pretty in blog photos. Hehe. I've seen these little covers for them that soften the light, so if you find the light to be a little harsh, give one of these a try. I think wedding photographers use these a lot. :)

I've also seen some that look like little shower caps that you just put over the flash at my local camera store.


Aww, I love the little drawing your little one did for you - it is oh so sweet! Happy Birthday again and can't wait to see your pics using the speedlight!

Natasha xoxo

It looks like you had a special day! ...and your daughter's bday note is so adorable :) Happy Belated Sydney!

xo, tasha
twenty-something blog


Happy belated birthday. I could see that you had a good time. The note from your daughter is so sweet! She has the loveliest handwriting ever. It's also really sweet of your hubby to surprise you with flowers and balloons and to get you the nikon speedlight. Does he help you to take your outfit shots too?

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali

Happy B'day sweetheart....
Maid of Honor - Mehendi

The Girlie Blog

Happy birthday! Looks like you had a great time.


happy birthday dear !!
congrats for that ext flashh :D :D



@Alterations Needed Thanks, Kelly for your recommendations. I definitely will check it out.

@Jo Thanks, Jo. Her first grade teacher says she has one of the best handwritings in the class =) My husband does help me with pictures on the weekend but I took most of them myself with the tripod/remote.


HAPPY BDAY SYDNEY! Your bday and my bday are so close together. Sept. 12 is my bday, which is today! :D You have a wonderful family.

San Jose Love

Happy Birthday! Your husband and daughter are always the sweetest.

Bad Joan

Happy Bday! Looks like a fun time!



great birthday pics!! adrian has been telling me that I need to buy a speedlight for quite some time now. let me know how you like yours. i'll be looking for tips too. :)

cute & little
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OMG! I have the same watch, but in gold =). yay!! lol. Hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration! =)


awesome gifts! I was just thinking the same about taking photos in the winter since it's going to be dark by the time I get home from that flash is going to be so handy! hopefully it will work out for you and cant wait to see the new pix with it. I hate taking pix at night with mine.

Glad you had a good bday and good weekend!


This watch is so beautiful and looks awesome on you! Please, tell me if it is waterproof. I so want it for Christmas! :)

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