Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Wish-list Item # 4: A classic camel coat

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My search for a new winter coat continues after a failed attempt with the Zara coat. Although, my original plan was to search for a mustard yellow coat, I do think camel would be much more practical and wearable than mustard. Also, camel seems to be hugely ubiquitous this Fall. I wasn’t sure about this H&M coat at first but now, I am loving it more each day.

What I like:
- It's so hard looking for the perfect camel shade. This one is not too light and not too dark. It’s just simply perfect! I’ve seen this LOFT coat in store and the camel color is a tad lighter than what I would have liked.
- It is extremely affordable.
- A size 2 fits me perfectly including sleeve length and body length. It might be a little long for someone who is shorter than 5’2.
- There are so many details that make the coat look really chic and much more expensive than it actually cost.
- The wool feels soft and no itchy wool feeling.

What I don’t like:
This is actually not a negative thing to say about this coat. It's just what I prefer. I wish it was a bit more thicker for the winter months in the Midwest. But (here are my excuses..LOL), I rarely go out in cold weather, my car is always in the garage during Winter and it only takes me 2 minutes to walk from the parking lot to my office. It's not a light jacket by any means. It's just not a heavy wool jacket if that’s what you’re looking for.

What I am wearing:
Coat: H&M - size 2 (similar here - almost identical & avail. in size 0)
Denim: Forever 21 - size 25(buy here)
Boots: very old (buy similar here - comes in size 5.5)
Bag: Burberry smoked check satchel (buy here)

Material: 60% wool and 40% viscose (not bad at all)
Measurements (laying flat - size 2): Sleeve length = 24", shoulder to shoulder = 13", waist = 14" and body length = 34".

I am sorry for not getting this review out while H&M was having the 25% off coupon. Even without the coupon, the coat is still very affordable. There are still many left at my local H&Ms. If you're interested in this coat, you shouldn't have any problems finding one.

Have a great week!



I love it! It doesn't look cheap at all. I'll have to take a trip to H&M sometime here!! :)


This coat looks great on you! I love the details like the buttons on the shoulders and the back. Were you looking for a long mustard coat or a shorter one?

Really Petite

Wow - it looks great on u! And the sleeves fit? Yay!!


sydney-- so glad you found a coat that fits and the sleeves to be long enough!! i tried on a few coats at h&m last weekend and had the opposite problem...sleeves too long. lol!


This coat looks much better on you in total length and sleeve length - it's nearly a perfect fit. You can't beat H&M prices. I was seriously surprised at how affordable this warm coat was, even before the coupons.


I really like this on you...I'll have to look for it the next time I hit up H& seems to fit perfectly!

Bravoe Runway

It looks beautiful on you! I like the style and also how it fits, and I know what you are talking about in terms of the 'thickness' of the coat. Unless people have been through a Midwest or East Coast winter, it's hard to grasp!

DSK Steph

Love the Autumn look!

easy petite looks

Nice! That definitely looks more expensive than it is! I suppose the camel color is more versatile than mustard. I agree tho, in the freezing cold its nice to have a little extra thickness, even if you're only out for a little bit!


@SewPetiteGal I was looking for a long mustard coat but I am good now =)


You're so lucky this coat fit you without alterations Sydney! (I have to admit I've definitely jealous of your extra inches ;) Thank you for leaving your comment on my post, I added a link so readers can see how the coat looks from different angles! I'm loving your hair by the way :)

Schnelle Couture

I love that coat & I agree, it's the perfect shade.


So glad you found your coat!!

I love the location your photos were shot!


Wow-the color of the coat is great! perfect for fall!


I tried on the same coat a little while ago but it didn't look as good as it looks on you! Love the color and how it fits you and the price is excellent!


Fits so well and looks good too!


I tried that coat on the other day and totally fell in love - you're definitely right about the shade being perfect! I'm still debating whether I want to buy it, though, since it fits almost perfectly everywhere aside from some poofing at the back - but since poofing at the back is my #1 pet peeve when it comes to fitting, I'm unsure.

It fits you perfectly though! I love how you've styled it here.


what a beautiful camel coat and it fits you perfectly! and it looks like you're getting over your fear of taking pictures with other people around! :)

cute & little


@kileen LOL =) My husband took these pictures for me.

The Little Dust Princess

I saw this coat in store and loved it, but I already have a lot of coats already. It's amazing on you! I love how professional it looks. Very versatile.


love the camel coat on you! i've been on the hunt for winter coats as well and you've inspired me to stop by h&m. xx

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Kaleido Mind

that coat is perfect on you!


love your outfit!!! it does look good!!!

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine

Gorgeous coat.. I LOVE it :)

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