Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Classic with a pop of color

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I am definitely a classic type of girl when it comes to fashion. Even though I love incorporating bold colors to my outfits lately, I still feel comfortable wearing my neutrals. For me, adding bold accessories is the best way to dress up my plain outfits. With that in mind, I picked out this Patty Shoulder Bag when Aftershock London reached out for a mention.

Cross-body satchels are everywhere this Fall and I can totally see why. It is very practical and also trendy/chic at the same time. I know I can’t afford a Hermes Berkin so this one will do for now. If wool pants, button-down shirt and black pumps does not scream classic, I don’t know what does? A pop of blue (or periwinkle?) will certainly spice up a plain outfit.

What I am wearing:
Trousers: LOFT from last year - size 00P (buy similar here - available in 00P) | Shirt: Ann Taylor - 0P (buy here - available in 00P and 40% off) | Shoes: Ann Taylor perfect leather pump (buy here - 40% off) | Satchel: c/o Aftershock London (buy here) | Belt: Banana Republic exotic leather belt (buy similar here)

If you’re interested in this satchel, here is your chance to win one. Aftershock London agreed to give away this exact same bag ($100.00 value) to one lucky winner of (CLOSED) All you have to do is subscribe to their mailing list. You DO NOT need to follow my blog to enter. However, I'd greatly appreciate if you do. Their goal is to collect 500 emails over the course of 8 weeks (whichever comes first). Once they reached their goal, they will draw the winner (sorry guys, I do not make up these rules).

Note: Giveaway open to U.S, U.K and Canadian readers only. If the winner resides in the U.K or in the U.S, Aftershock will send the bag to the winner from London. If the winner resides in Canada, I will personally forward the prize to the winner.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: I received this bag courtesy of Aftershock London. I will not be compensated for posting this review on my blog. 


Anna (A Newfound Treasure)

How cute are you?! This is a great number. Love that bag!


Bravoe Runway

I always find it fascinating how foreign companies want to partner up with you! I just checked out their site and it is a British company? Swwwon! I love British clothing and designers, and recently purchased the Pippa bag from Modalu. I'll look at the site more tonight, and I've included my email address because I am excited to get their newsletter!


what a beautiful bag and i love the color! just entered. :)


I agree that classic is always best and I love your pieces. The satchel is gorgeous. Do you know if it's leather and what the interior is made of?


sydney-- i totally know what you mean by going with neutrals. i feel comfortable in it and its much easier to wear without having to think about it. you look great in this outfit.

btw i bought a wireless remote, but i don't think its compatible with my camera. sucks!!! :\

Girlie Blogger

Good God you look good. Perfect outfit. Love your bag too.

Marionberry Style

I completely agree that bld accessories are the best (easiest) way to kick an outfit up a notch! Sometimes when I am running late, it's the most I can do to grab a fun scarf as I head out the door (kinda tricks people into thinking I was feeling somewhat creative that morning:-) )

Love your style girl!
XO - Marion


You seem to be a hit with the foreign companies and I like that :) they have different things to offer. Perfect outfit!

easy petite looks

cant go wrong with the classics! very pretty. im so lame that even my bags are neutrals, lol


@R.L. Hi R.L! It's not real leather and the interior is made of canvas. Hope that helps!

Ashleigh Nicole

Such a casual chic look! The cobalt is a great pop of color for the outfit.

xo Ashleigh

Ashley @ Apparel Addiction

Ooh, I love that color! Bold bags are my favorite, but I don't have a blue one yet.

Really Petite

Thanks for the giveaway Sydney! I love a pop of color in my accessories too :)


This is definitely a classic look! I love to go for classics as well. It's amazing what you can do with a simple white button up shirt. You put it all together perfectly!! :) Love it!!!


The bag is such a pretty color!


This is one of my favorite looks you've ever posted. You're gorgeous!


Beautiful bag!

Thanks for the chance!

--- Nicole


@Bravoe Runway Bessie, the company based in London. It’s such a nice change to see different designs now and then. Thank you so much for entering.


What a gorgeous bag - it looks fabulous with your ensemble! I don't know that I will ever own a Birkin but I do love the look of one.


Cute outfit!!



You are beautiful and I love that bag! Kiah


pretty color!


Nice Giveaway too bag me in malaysia


I love the bag:) I

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