Friday, October 21, 2011

My Fall/Winter wish-list

Although I enjoyed the warm weather in the Summer, Fall is still my absolute favorite season of the year. I enjoy my pumpkin spice latte on the way to work every morning, Fall activities with my family and of course I love Fall layering. It’s so easy to buy more clothes when I see amazing outfits put together by fashion/style bloggers. Thus, I feel it’s necessary to have list of things that I somewhat need and stick with it. Other than a few inexpensive items that I’ve bought here and there, I am staying true to my wish list. It is half way completed so I thought I'd share my Fall wish list with you guys

A few snapshots of Summer (clockwise): (1) & (3): Cruising and spending time at the lake, (2): Lots of ice cream from the ice cream truck (4): Summer vacation.

My Fall wish-list:
1. A pleated skirt (purchased - see my post here)
2. Colored denim (purchased - see my post here)
3. Something leopard (purchased - see my post here)
4. A classic camel coat (purchased - see my post here)
5. A pair of black tall boots (purchased - see my post here)
6. A clutch/cross body bag (purchased - see my post here)
7. A colored blazer (purchased - see my post here)
8. A pair of new flats (purchased - see my post here)
9. A gingham shirt (purchased - see my post here)
10. A pair of high-heel oxfords (purchased - see my post here)
11. A bold colored pencil skirt - (purchased - see my post here)

Readers, what's on your Fall wish-list?


Unknown said...

You're doing great at crossing off your wish list!

Tall flat boots in grey are DEFINITELY on my wish list. I couldn't find a pair last year and I'm still having trouble this year. I also need more dress pants. I realize I only have 2! Sometimes tights just don't cut it in the Winters!

Tiffany said...

I'm trying to keep to my list as well but keep on straying when I see pretty things. LOL! You are doing a great job on your list and love the things that you've bought!

Amber @ said...

you seem to be doing great! i couldnt keep to a seasons list, the best i can do is monthly!

Ping said...

i want a nice warm coat and a wool skirt.
i need to make a list because i just buy things randomly. u r so disciplined!

Lei said...

You did great!
I should start making wishlists and stick to them! I hate being an impulsive buyer!

Rebecca said...

I am anxiously awaiting the gingham shirt post. I am also looking for one too. I hope you find one that works!

yuri said...

I really like the idea of creating wish list. It really helps and control you on how you spend your money on the things that you need not want.Sometimes I see myself compulsively purchasing things that I don't need. However I'm starting to learn how to control myself. I add things to my cart and I always ask myself "do i really need it" and "will I wear it" kind of a second thought descion. I really enjoy reading your blog and love all your fabulous pics.