Monday, December 5, 2011

Meeting up with Angie & UO Fitting Room Pics

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Yesterday, I had an opportunity to meet up with the sweetest Angie of Pandaphilia. I’ve been a long-time follower of her blog. I was expecting to see a young college student with a cheerful personality. Angie, in real life, is very calm, sweet and down to earth.

{Wearing: J.Crew gingham shirt - 00R, Ann Taylor cardigan - XXSP, GAP legging jeans - 24/00R}

After grabbing some afternoon coffee, we decided to do some shopping at Urban Outfitters (which was just a few blocks away from where we were). We had an amusing time trying on clothes and taking pictures. Here are some fitting room pics, starting with Angie:

{Wearing: BDG Elbow Patch Pullover Sweater - size XS}

{Wearing: Ecote Cable Stitch Tunic - size Medium}

While she aimed for cozy pieces, I had my mind on fun party dresses. This scalloped lace dress runs super small and super short. I literally cannot bend over wearing this dress. I love the scalloped neck line but this dress wasn’t for me.

{Wearing: Sparkle & Fade Scalloped Lace Dress -size XS}

Next up is this sequined dress! Angie told me I look like a disco ball ..hahaa..and I couldn’t agree more. I didn’t end up getting anything but Angie did purchase these adorable velvet loafer.

{Wearing: Dress: Sparkle & Fade Tinsel Dress - size 0, Boots: Nine West Tilldawn}

After we were done with shopping, we walked back to the parking lot and my car was gone! Yes, my car got towed. We had to call the tow company, tagged along with the guy who towed my car to get back to their lot, walked in the rain to the nearest ATM machine to get some cash to pay for the ticket and finally got my car back. I wasn’t disturb at all, just wish it didn’t happen. I think blogger meetup and I do not get along (remember my experience in Boston?). Despite an unfortunate incident, I still had a blast. We were joking that we will never forget yesterday’s meetup. I truly hope that Angie will end up with the OSU medical school so we can hang out more often - may be in a different part of town where there is ample parking space =)

Have a great week!


Pola Katelu

she's so pretty :] | @polakatelu

Really Petite

That's great you ladies had a chance to meet up! I love both of you and it looked like so much fun:D


you two are both so beautiful! I am a big fan of Angie's blog too...her sense of humor always brings a smile to my day. :)

And I am sorry to hear about your car and I admire your calmness in dealing with the issue...had that happened to me I would have had a nervous breakdown!

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

OMG Sydney I can't believe your car got towed! Maybe it was just all the excitement meeting up with Angie :P

What a fun shopping trip you guys had!


So sorry about your car! I'm glad you got it back without (a ton of) trouble.

I've been trying to find a good dress for NYE, and I think that scallopped LBD might just do the trick. I'll have to stop by my local UO to check it out soon. :)


sydney -- how fun!
and omg, your car got towed? i had my car towed once in SF, it's the worst experience ever. the city gives you a ticket and you have the pay for the ended up costing me about $500. i hope your tow was nothing like that!

Girlie Blogger

WHat!!!!!! Your poor car!

Well, hey, at least the shopping trip was fun. So nice to meet fellow bloggers, huh?


sydney - thanks for my first and very fun meetup (minus the car towing). i'm still so sorry that happened, those scumbags and their hidden signs :( i'm so happy i got to meet you in person and see how sweet and down to earth YOU are. i hope to meet you again in the future, and yes - definitely with safer parking haha


Thats so awesome you got to meet a fellow blogger! I dont follow or know of any bloggers around me :(


I would have freaked out if my car got towed! That black dress looks so good on you!


Fun!! Sexy black dress!!

Bummer about your car! Were you over the parking limit time?

The Little Dust Princess

Ahhh I love blogger meets <3 Especially shopping ones ; ) That lace dress looks so sexy on you!


That sequin dress is AMAZING!

Lisa - respect the shoes

I admire your calm and reasonableness over the towing situation - I'd be one of those irrationally irate people! Well, at least it looks like you had a fantastic rest of the day!

Bravoe Runway

Oh sorry to hear your car was towed Sydney! It frequently happens in Chicago...good thing I don't have a car! I love the scalloped dress, too bad it wasn't a tad longer. And yes..that loft jacket in today's post is ITCHY!!! Hence the scarf :) And I see you did do the Anjolee review, your new necklace is beautiful!


The sequin dress would be perfect for NYE! Love shopping at UO! Sorry about the car towing though. =(


I'm so sorry about your car! That is always so frustrating :( You both look beautiful though - love meeting other bloggers!


@Ping I remember when your car got towed. Yup, it is definitely one of the worst experiences ever! It didn't end up costing me that much but I can use that money towards something shopping..hahah..

@Angie Angie, thank you so much for meeting up with me. There is no need to say sorry. It was just an accident. I had a great time regardless. We definitely will meet again =)

@Michelle I wasn't supposed to park there at


Looking super cute as always! xo


Hi Sydney! Thanks for your blog comment. I am terribly about replying on my blog. I am trying to switch to wordpress. Yes, I cut my hair about 6+ inches after my honeymoon then I cut an additional 3" and trim every 3 weeks. :)

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