Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year, New Shoes (My First Christian Louboutin)

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The weekend is almost here and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been a rough week for me. I am taking my last exam today and will be done with the training. On a more exciting note, I wanted to show you guys my newest purchase. Twitter friends already know that I finally pulled the trigger on a pair of Christian Louboutin. I don’t know how many times I passed by the shoe department at Saks and drooled over these beauties. I wanted something different than black or nude (as they’re similar to the cheaper versions I already have in my closet). At one point, I was *this* close to purchase a pair of pattern neon yellow. At the end, I couldn’t do it. I wanted something different but still classic. After contemplating, researching and debating for months, I finally settled on a pair of New Simple 120mm in flannel.

Ahh, the signature red-lacquered soles!

I stared at her for a good 10 minutes when she first arrived. I absolutely adore the simple yet sleek design of these pumps. Compared to the Ann Taylor perfect leather pump that I wore almost every day, they are higher and also narrower. I am typically a 6.5 in shoes so I got these in a 36.5 (European sizing). I know Christian Louboutin's run a half size to one full size smaller than U.S. sizes in women's shoes. That is true because these pumps was a bit tight on me. The tightness wasn’t to the point that they're uncomfortable. However, it would have been perfect if these were a 37.

I'm still undecided if I will keep them or not. The height/comfort of the shoes doesn't bother me too much. However, for that kind of price, they should be perfect in every way.

Readers, do you think CL's tend to stretch with wear?


Lisa Ng

Glad u went with a neutral color for the *first* pair. Perhaps the 2nd pair can be neon. VERY NICE!!! I got my first LV bag last month, so I know how you feel about the purchase :D


These are GORGEOUS sydney! But for something that's full price, maybe try the 37 to see if those fit better? I think new simples run a half a size smaller than the simples but everyone's feet are shaped differently so it's hard to say until you've tried on both sizes.

Really Petite

They are beautiful! I love the gray color and material. It's so strange that everyone says that Loubie's run smaller because for me- they run 1/2 size bigger. And every pair fits differently but then again I am told because it's hand made- that's why.

I think you should at least try the 37's just to compare. For this price- it has to be PERFECT! I am so happy for you Sydney! You so deserve it!


new simples are actually known to run big. i got my tts 35.5 and after a few years of wearing them, i wish i got the 35. mine stretched quite a bit.

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

They're beautiful Sydney! But I would try to get the size to be perfect, especially for the price! They are my favorite colour - grey! :P

With Each Passing Day

Congratulations on your new shoes and yay for taking your final exam! You made it thru the exams. You deserve to celebrate this weekend. I think you should try the 37. The shoes should be perfect for the price they are. Have a good weekend!


OMG they are GORGEOUS!! I love the color and the material. They look different than other classic pumps. Good choice of the color. I would definitely try a size bigger and compare the comfortness.


Gorgeous! It makes me happy that you purchased such a classic pair that will look great for life! I agree that although I would also have a tendency to get a black pair, so many brands already make classic black pumps. I hope if you don't keep them that you can find another pair that you love just as much!

Nicole C

Good luck with your exam! Your Loubis are gorgeous! If you can find a New Simple in 37 I'd definately try to compare them. I have a pair of suede Loubis in 37 and they haven't stretched but my SA said it depends on the material.


congrats sydney! those are beautiful! i love the shape of the toe and the mini platform. can't wait to see you wear them with an outfit!


Congrats!! So pretty! I would def try the 37 too.. for that price you need the perfect fit.


Yes I agree they are different. I usually see the black or nude ones. Eddie Bauer is having 30% off their clearance items online and use JANUARY20 for additional 20%. I never thought I would shop at Eddie Bauer but I found some stuff I like. I posted them on my blog.


Definitely find the ones that fit best. I disagree that everyone has to go up a size w/Louboutins because I actually had to go DOWN! My new Proratas are size 34!


Believe me when I say... these will stretch (probably a half size) with wear. All CLs do. I buy all of mine tight to fit and they always end up perfect after a few wears. My one pair of New Hais that I bought "perfect fit" to start, I now have to put an insole in.

You can also always store them stuffed (with socks) for a week or so to stretch them out a bit. Or wear them around your house with some thick socks at first. The ladies at the Purse Forum have lots of tips for breaking in CLs!

Congrats on your first pair! They are an expensive addition, hahaha!


Thats a very gorgeous pair!
I'd say get the 37 and see how it fits and then decide which on the one you want to keep.


Just a comment from a french petite: Christian Louboutin created his shoes to be worn with tights or stocking, not really with bare feet. Hence the tightness some might feel when shoes on. It is true that it is much easier to fill and wear pumps with tights than bare feet as the foot is "smoother and silkier" with makes it easier to fit the shoe. But I noticed that in the US women tend a lot to be bare feet so yes you have better size up in that case. Hope my english is not that bad and you could understand what I wanted to mean (on apositive way).


@eveange66 Hmmm, that's an interesting point. Here, other than at very conservative offices, it's perfectly acceptable (and expected) to go stocking-less between, say, the end of May and late September! I did find that my feet were slipping out of shoes more frequently while wearing stockings though.


Congrats Sydney! I can't wait for the day that I can afford to buy a pair of my own haha. I love the flannel though - it's so work appropriate and definitely a much better choice than the usual black or nude CL's. I think you should keep them - they look beautiful on you and I'm sure they will stretch out a bit with wear :)


@eveange66 Thank you so much for your comment. It's a very interesting point! I have never thought of that but it does make perfect sense. I did try these shoes on with tights and indeed, they fit much better.


Congrats on your new babies :) If they don't fit perfectly, you should at least try the other size and see how that is!


wow....that is beautiful:)


Such beautiful shoes (and informative comments)! One question, will the flannel material get dirty easily?


Lovely shoes! I'd love to have a pair of Christian Louboutin too. :)

Krista /

Carrie L

Hi Sydney! Been following your blog for a little while now, and I must say, I LOVE your style. Your outfits are always interesting, and you mix textures and colors beautifully! I love the flannel shoes, you made a classic choice and they look beautiful on your feet. I have had the size dilemma before because you don't know how they are going to feel after long term wear. I would definitely try on the 37's for comfort comparison- you will be much happier in the long run with a perfect fitting pair!!!

cecilie andrea torp

drop dead gourgeous! lucky you :))


Congrats on your Louboutins! :)

Michelle Phan has a video on how to "expand" your shoes using ice. I think she bought a new pair of Louboutins to demonstrate. You can search for it under "Search for Shoes with Ice".

I've been meaning to try it out with one of my shoes, but I don't know how my parents will feel about my shoes in the fridge.


I just came from commenting on one pair to seeing your post on yours! I'm having Louboutin envy! :) Personally, I love them, but they should be perfect for the price they are.


Those pumps look so nice! BUT - I don't think they're worth keeping if they're too tight, especially for the price. I have two pairs of heels that were too tight that I kept, thinking that I could magically stretch them out, but they didn't and they're so painful to walk in! I would consider sizing up, and if they're a tad big, adding heel liners.


@CynthiaC Ah so now I understand why so many of pictures I saw on blogs or websites show woment bare legs. In France that is quite the opposite : women are supposed and welcome to wear tights (or stockings) most of the time. For example, when you want to buy shoes and this day your are wearing socks, usually the SA present you with a thin sock in the same material than tights (oops hope you can understand me) to try on the shoes. Except if you are looking for summer shoes to wear bare feet. Now please do tell me your secret: how do you do all of you to have those beatiful legs which so soft and smooth. Do you shave everyday or epilate. I was always wondering and wanted to have the same look (yes I am jealous, would die to have same legs that seem so smooth). Here we are bare legs only during summer time when allowed to do it (some very conservative offices still forbide it). And then we wear sandals, open toes, sling back but not so much closed toe shoes or pumps as we tend well .. to sweat and have feet being larger due to the heat. Sorry I meant no offense.


thanks you for the charming comment! Ahh, so lucky to have these shoes, they're gorgeous!



They're beautiful. I've always wanted to get a pair of Loubs but could never pull the trigger either. You have inspired me to finally go through with it...I hope haha.


Beautiful Louboutin ! Loved the fabric of it!

nice blog btw !

Xoxo from Japan


Most of my Louboutins are uncomfortable and I do not wear them. I find Ysl's much more comfy. I always wear my Louboutins with stockings (well the closed toes anyhow) which prevents rubbing and helps my foot slip into the shoe better but that creates heel slippage problems. We wear the same size and I find if I go up half a size it is easier to get on but slips too much to wear. I think Louboutins are lovely to look at but are not as nice to wear. The simple (not the new simple) is generally thought to be the most easy to wear so you could try a different style. The decolette is also a very sexy shoe that I can grit my teeth and wear all day. I don't think the flannel will stretch. Suede will stretch and some leather. Good luck


@eveange66I don't need to shave every day (genetics + the fact that I probably killed my hair follicles from using depilatory creams when I was younger), but many women do. Otherwise, we all moisturize, moisturize and moisturize some more (and those of us who're fair-skinned might also wear bronzer or self-tanner to keep them from, well, looking too white). Also, North American women generally do not go bare legged in the winter, especially those of us who live in cold climates. I know I can't! :)


Ahhh gorgeous and congrats on your first pair of Loubs! I really want to get a pair as soon as I save up enough money :)

Mary Ann

I agree they should be perfect for the price. I sold an older pair because they were too tight and returned 2 more pairs because the fit wasn't right. I finally find some Decolletes that fit and I love them.....and I actually wear them because they fit (not like my original pair that sat in my closet unused).

By the way, I made two purse clutches and I'm giving away one. I'd love for you to check it out here!


I love them! They are super similar to my gray flannel Bianca's but better because yours are more practical. :) mine are about 5.5 inch heel so harder to walk in. I have the New Simples too and mine definetly fit tight at first but they now fit me perfectly. However my new simples are patent leather. My Bianca's have not stretched but they fit me perfectly to begin with.

Have you decided yet? I think you made a good choice for your first pair because not everyone has these or can even find them!


Just wanted to add- I've noticed that Louboutins list the sizing conversion as 37/7, but everywhere else, I've seen 37 translated to 6.5 in American sizing. (I used to live in France, and I have size 6.5/37 feet!) I don't think it's so much that the Louboutins run a half size small as that their sizing conversion does. :) These shoes are adorable- hope you find similarly adorable ones in a 37!

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