Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rock bottom prices at Ann Taylor (in-store only)

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I'd like to thank those of you who wished me luck in my last post. I finished my 3rd exam today and did well on my previous 2 tests. I was able to make a quick trip to the mall to check out a few things at lunch lol =). Just a quick post today to share some great deals that I found at Ann Taylor. Please note, prices are valid in-store only and all sales are final. The online prices are a bit higher.

Aixa Lace-up Leather Platform Booties (In-store price: $30.00 - was $248.00)

Arlena Suede Stretch Riding Boots (In-store price: $30.00 - was $248.00)

Amalia Double Buckle Leather Booties (In-store price: $30.00 - was $248.00)

Woodland Cable Crew Neck Sweater (In-store price: $14.00 - was $88.00)

I only purchased the above sweater since I'm not in the market for boots. I just want to share some incredible deals and hope you're able to take advantage of these.

Happy Shopping!


Rainy Days and Lattes

Thank you for the deals! Hope your test was good :D


Glad you did well in your exams! I managed to get a cardigan for $9.98 yesterday!

With Each Passing Day

Congrats on completing your 3 exams! Good luck with your next two. Thank you for the infor on the deal. I'm currently on a search for the Amalia Double Buckle Leather Booties.


I picked up that sweater too... I think mine was $16. Anyway, I really like it and it's good quality for $16. After I got rung up I considered going back for more, but there was a long line and I didn't bother.


My store had none of those items lol...but they are great deals for whoever can scoop them up!

Bravoe Runway

I've been eyeing those double buckled boots for months!!!!! $30?????? If I can skip out of work in the next 10 min I am going to ann taylor!


Glad you are all done:)
I didn't found those boots in my local store,but I successfully scored a nice jacket here which I can't stop wearing:)


Amazing shoe deals!! Ack!!

Thanks for the heads up!!

The Little Dust Princess

omg I want those boots!

Girlie Blogger

Yikes. Tests do not sound like fun.

Gorgeous shoes. Love those booties.


i went to my ann taylor today and the sales weren't as good :( BOO!


Congrats on finishing 3 exams! Thanks for information on AT. How is that sweater on you? I'm curious about it!


@SS That sweater runs tiny. If you're my size, an XS should fit you just fine.


I'm definitely spending the lunch hour at Ann Taylor tomorrow. Thanks for the update :).


Great deals! Hope the rest of your exams go well!


Hope your exams went/go well! I'm definitely heading to Ann Taylor today, I've been eyeing those black booties for ages. Fingers crossed the sale at my local one is as good as yours seems to be!


Good luck on your exams! Such great deals! I wish they had those prices at my store :(


Glad you did well on your exams. The Amalia Double Buckle Leather Booties is gorgeous! Good Deal on the sweater.


omg those are amazing deals! i need to stop an AT store asap. thanks for sharing!

Eva Silviana

Definitely love the first one :)


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