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To Keep or Not To Keep: MNG by Mango Tweed Sheath Dress

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Hope you all had a great weekend. I need your help =) I stumbled upon this MNG by Mango tweed dress last week on my way out of the mall. I couldn't decide whether the dress suits me or not so I brought it home with me (paring with my favorite Milena suede wedges)

What I don’t like:
- The fit is not perfect. As you can tell from these pictures, the torso needs slimming and the length also needs to be hemmed a few inches shorter.
- The description is misleading. The material feels like a stretch jersey fabric with textured tweed. It is definitely not made from traditional tweed.
- The dress was on sale for $40. After alterations, I probably will end up paying around $70 for this dress.

What I like:
- The style is unique. I especially love those cap sleeves. I don’t have anything similar to this dress in my closet.
- I love the way it looks “post-alterations”.
- The maroon color is subtle enough for work. Although, some Twitter friends thought the color may look a bit grandma-ish.
- The quality of this dress is great and it's 100% lined.

Ladies, what are your thoughts on this dress? Is it worth $70? As always, your thoughts and opinions much appreciated!

Have a great week!



I think this dress would look so chic post alterations! I love the little button detail. It's a great piece you could wear to work or dress up for going out. $70 isn't too terrible to spend on a dress...if you love the dress and know you will wear it, go for it and do the alterations!

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I like! I really like the cap sleeves too and the "tweed" is gorgeous! I think it's worth keeping!


Actually, I think the length of the dress is good as is -- definitely appropriate for work, and on top of that, it gives you a lean, elegant look. You look tall in that first set of three pictures! Taking it up by a few inches might detract from that easy, stylish elegance and cheapen the effect. Plus, depending on how conservative your work place is, a mini length might not be as appropriate or versatile.

I'm in complete agreement with you about slimming the sides, though. Hope the dress works out for you!

The Little Dust Princess

I love it! I don't think this colour is "grandma-ish" at all. It looks perfect on you and I think it's worth keeping for $70ish if you'll get a lot of wear out of it. : )


I love it after the alterations! I agree that as long as it gets lots of wear, it'll be worth it.


LOVE it post alterations. Very unique. Definite keeper.


I would return it. That is a lot of money for something you don't love. There's something about the button detail that looks off to me. Like it's meant to be worn by someone taller so the buttons aren't placed at the smallest part of your waist.

Laura Frost

I think it is super cute and unique. If you love it AND can wear it fairly regularly, definitely keep it.


would you have to cut the slit higher in the back bc ur hemming it a couple of inches? if that's the case, then no, but if it only needs the sides taken in and a hem job, i say keep. i see many outfits w/this dress.


I love everything about this dress! I think its a keeper!


Can I vote for a length in between the original and where you have it pinned? $70 is worth it if you'll get lots of wears. Plus, you sound so happy about the dress, Sydney. That's gotta count for something dollars can't capture.


I actually really like it post alterations :) It's really pretty and unique :) If you will get lots of wear out of this I reckon this is a keeper :)


Ack! I hate paying more than $50 for anything now, unless I am totally in love! Is it giddy love for you? If so, go for the alterations!

The color is gorgeous...and stretchy tweed?! Ahh! That sounds great!


I think that worth it! The dress is beautiful! XOXO


I actually checked out that dress at our local JCPenny and I have to say that after feeling the material and quality I took a step back. The upside is, the styling of this dress reminds me of the Victoria Beckham dress stylings which I love.


I love the details.. I think you must 'Keep it'!
You could always pair it with a fitted coat!


Oh I love the "post-alteration" look. :) Vote keep if slimming and shortening will indeed cost less than $30. :)

Karen C.

I like it! I love the sleeves. I think $30 for alterations isn't so bad. Keep it!


@AubreyOhDang! Yes, the tailor would have to cut the slit higher in the back because of the hemming. I think $30 would be a low estimate for this kind of alterations.


hmm i am on the fence about this dress. i think the dress will look amazing on you after a little slimming. it looks like a dress that is versatile and can be worn to work. i'm not sure if i love that color though.

Courtney B

I'm not sure if it's worth $70.... BUT I think it's super cute with your homemade alterations :) I really like it a lot!

Bravoe Runway

Hmmm I'm not sure to be perfectly honest Sydney! I think the dress is fairly priced at $40 but to spend the extra $30 to alter it seems a bit steep.


I think the waist line is too low on you and that is why the hem is a little long. If they were to adjust the waist and slim it, I think it'd look perfect. If you love it, I say go ahead and get it altered.


those wedges look great on you! But the color of the dress doesn't look too great in photo somehow. I would return :)

Karina Dinda R.

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Fashionable Memories

It looks great, but I think you should return if its such a hectic for that one dress! With alterations, i think it will be a bit pricey. I saw a similar style of this dress on Asos, but the color is in white! I dont know if they still have xs or s left though.

Ester Ulaya

looking good

Really Petite

I like it on you and remember seeing it while browsing online. I think it's a bit much for a non-tweed like material and alterations. Too bad it didn't fit off the rack for $40 : ) I say return.


I think it looks really cute on you! I think maybe if it was a wee bit more discounted it'd be perfect but if you love it, then I'd keep it :)


I love the sleeves on this dress; it's really different than anything I've seen. That's enough for me to say keep it, although I would be more willing to say keep it if it was real tweed.

You should consider cost per wear. If you're going to get a lot of use out of it, go for it!


You look so chic and that color is amazing on you! x

With Each Passing Day

If you love the dress and can see yourself reaching for the dress to wear than I say keep it. The color look good on you.

The white cabbage

keep it ...really nice

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I’ve decided to return the dress simply because the cost of alterations was a bit much. My tailor charges $25.00 for the slimming and $25 for the hemming (because of the back slit). I do like the dress and see myself reaching for it. However, I don’t think this dress is worth $100. Thank you, everyone for your opinions. They're greatly appreciated!


keep it and pair it with black high heel shoes, i will wear it with belt too
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oooh you returned it ;-(


you are sooooo lucky. I saw this dress @ JC Penneys. It was on clearance for $40.00, but I decided to hold out since there was about 4 left. I went back and of course it's gone;every last one of them. Went on sale for $20.00 I could kick my own azz for doing that. I have searched everywhere online with no such luck. I want this dress so bad. I don't know what I am going to do. I think I'll smack myself right now. bye

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